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Typical Ductwork Problems to Note with Your HVAC System

Your electricity bills have been rising steeply over the past few months, yet every electronic appliance in your house is functioning normally. So, what is causing these drastic changes in energy consumption?

As Niagara’s top heating and cooling specialist notes, in this case, the most probable culprit is your HVAC’s ductwork. You could be heating your attic all this while. Rodents could have gnawed away parts of your HVAC system’s ductwork that it loses most of its efficiency to lost heat in the attic or between walls.

To confirm that, you can check whether the quality of the air that the HVAC system is circulating has been decreasing. Temperatures will also be fluctuating steadily and inconsistently. Here is more on that:

Reduced HVAC efficiency

Thanks to modern smart technology, you now can keep track and records of the energy consumption rate of every electronic device and system in your property. That includes that of your HVAC system. With that, you will know the much to expect your HVAC system to consume even on a bad day.

So, when it begins to consume more than your projected amount, call in an HVAC specialist to locate the problem. In most cases, unless something has tampered with the electrical wiring, the ductwork is to blame here.

That is because the ductwork will be working harder than usual to compensate for the lost airflow through holes and cracks in seals. Therefore, it will consume more energy to deliver the expected results. Fix the faulty ductwork and check again to know whether you have resolved the problem.

Reduced air quality

The cracks in seams and holes on the ductwork can allow allergens, debris, toxic fumes, and moisture into the air in the ductwork. Therefore, when you turn on your HVAC, these pollutants compromise the quality of your indoor air.

These pollutants pose significant health threats that you should address immediately. Call in an HVAC specialist to fix the faulty HVAC ductwork.

Premature end of service life

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Faulty ductworks put a strain on HVAC systems as they try compensating for compromised airflow. That hastens the wearing process of HVAC systems, which, in turn, shortens their useful life. Various components could also begin overheating, which will require frequent (yet untimely) repairs.

In a worst-case scenario, extreme wear can result in HVAC system breakdown. Ductworks play a central role in ensuring that your home’s or workplace’s HVAC system delivers and circulated air effectively. The air should also remain clean throughout the time when the HVAC system is on.

Any change in the indoor air quality is an indication that your HVAC system’s ductwork is faulty. And, that can cost you in high energy bills and reduced comfort levels.

Poor air circulation, especially in high humid areas in the Niagara Region encourages dampness in rooms, which poses health risks to the property dwellers.

Since faulty ductworks are systematic problems, it is advisable that you consult a heating and cooling specialist to fix the ductworks. The HVAC technician also has the expertise and training to mitigate and reverse the effects the faulty ductwork could have caused.

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