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Wrought Iron Gates: How Do You Keep Them from Rusting?

Take a drive around Beverly Hills and chances are you will find wrought iron gates fronting some of the most luxurious homes in Southern California. These properties command steep prices, and owning one is a sign of prestige. The gates alone are impressive — bespoke with a design that conjures opulence. This is complemented by matching railings that hug the property. And no, you cannot easily find these wrought iron gates in Los Angeles in your local hardware store. You’d have to find an artisan to customize them for your home. More importantly, you have to look after these gates really well.

Maintenance of Wrought Iron Gates

If you have wrought iron gates and railings, one of the biggest concerns is rust. While the material is extremely strong, it is not fully resistant to the effects of nature — extreme heat and cold as well as rain and dust will eventually take a toll on any beautiful gate and fence. Before long, you might see rust, and if not addressed promptly, it would lead to a complete breakdown of your wrought iron gate and fence.

So, regularly repaint the material and wire brush small rust spots to keep it rust-free for longer. There are also other ways to look after your wrought iron gates.

Cleaning with Water

People often find it counterintuitive to clean metal with water, but this is the most effective means of getting rid of dirt, dust, debris, and grass clippings. You can spray the gate with a garden hose. Or, you can mix mild soap with water to clean the surface. If your gate has intricate details, you may use a toothbrush or a nylon scrubbing brush to reach the crevices. Rinse the gate thoroughly with clean water.

Removing Rust

If you see rust start to surface on some parts of your wrought iron gate, use a wire brush to scrub it right away. Find the balance between scrubbing hard enough to remove all rust flakes and light enough so as not to scratch the paint. If the rust is too much for a simple scrubbing, however, consider repainting the gate or fence.

Resealing It

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When you get rid of the rust — especially when you have no choice but to scrub the original layer of paint off — the material might be exposed to more factors that may cause even worse rusting. If you do not reseal the surface right away, more rust will form and you will have to do the entire process of removing rust all over again. So, reseal your wrought iron gate with rust-resistant finish or wax.

For best results, repaint the surface before resealing it. First, use an outdoor primer and coat the area that had been stripped. Apply thoroughly to ensure that all surfaces are covered. Once dry, you can apply paint, preferably paint that is specifically for metal surfaces. You can use a brush or spray nozzle.

Wrought iron gates are a perfect complement to your home. You can make it last for a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

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