The Charm of the Attached Home

There are many types of dwellings around. The detached houses exude individuality. After all, contractors and architects build them without the need to conform to the design of other houses on the street. There may be communities with their own guidelines. But generally speaking, you can do what you want with a detached home. If you are in the market for that kind of property, there are new home builders in places like Townsville that could help you out.

On the other side of the coin, you have the attached homes or two homes that share a common wall and may have identical designs. You can consider them as feats of design. After all, they can have two or more floor plans. Building them is an inventive way to manage space. For further inspiration, here are some common styles for attached homes:


You can describe this as two home units that are mirror images of each other. Unlike some attached units, duplexes feature two separate entryways. The facades are often symmetrical, but you may find some pairs that look like two different units. But even if you live in the other half of a whole design, individuality is not thrown away. This is because the two homes are complementary to each other, like yin and yang. Many developers build duplexes to rent them out. But there are some siblings or cousins who choose to build duplexes, so their children can grow up together.


If a duplex consists of two halves of a house, a townhouse is a unit situated in a row of two or more homes that are identical in design. Common walls once again link these structures. Living in a townhouse could provide you with a better sense of community. Also, since it has a floor plan smaller than other types of abodes, the townhouse is a unit with a cost that is well within reach of many working-class families. So if you would like an affordable housing solution, you can consider buying a townhouse.

Apartment and condominium units


Apartments and condominiums are buildings that have individual but attached home units. What makes them different from each other? The answer is ownership. Contractors usually build apartments as investment properties, renting the units to tenants. Condominiums, on the other hand, offer units you can purchase. Condos offer a sense of community as these buildings usually have amenities, such as swimming pool, gym, gaming area and garden.

Since both are structured as storeys-high buildings, you can say that apartments and condominiums exist to provide housing options that are not only affordable but also efficient when it comes to space.

Whichever you choose among these options, the most important thing is you are bringing you or your family into a suitable shelter. But for some reason, attached homes have a certain charm that makes them attractive options. There is nothing wrong with aiming to be unique, but being part of a community or neighbourhood is also a great thing, which is something that these attached homes could provide.

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