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Common Problem Areas on Metal Roofs

When building or buying a property, its roof is one of the most critical elements that will sway your decision. Metal roofs are the most common in modern properties. They are in fact considered the “Cadillac of roofs.” This is because they are rot-, insect-, fire-, and mildew-resistant. Metal roofs are also durable, lightweight, good heat conductors, and easy to install.

This type of roof, however, are exposed to a multitude of issues. Hence, you might need metal roof repair contractors at some point to sort out these problems. Some of the issues which plague metal roofs are unfortunately not readily evident, so it’s advisable to regularly check some of the problem areas in your roof to identify them before they get out of hand.


This is the band which runs horizontally along your roof’s edge. It is sometimes called the roofs trim. The fascia is comprised of sheet metal or wooden boards that connect the gutters, rafters, and trusses to your property. It primarily averts the infiltration of water into your roofing material and evens out the appearance of your roof’s edges for an aesthetic appeal.

The leading cause of fascia problems is water damage evidenced by rot or peeled paint on its surface. If you notice these, get the fascia repaired and the cause of water damage addressed to avert its detachment from your roof’s edge.


These are used to seal your roof’s edges, penetrations, valleys, skylights, drains, perimeters, and other areas where the roof’s cover is terminated or interrupted. Flashings are impervious, so they prevent the passage of water that might leak through and ruin your attic or insulation material. The most common causes of flashing deterioration are oxidization and harsh weather elements. These will thin out the flashing used or loosen it, thus exposing your underlying roof structures to damage.


These are meant to direct water away from your property’s foundation to protect its structural integrity. Damages in different gutter systems may lead to the accumulation of water on your roof and support the growth of mold and mildew.

One of the chief causes of gutter issues is the accumulation of debris on the gutters and downspouts. This results in the gutters sagging and reduced water-carrying capacity. Professional cleaning is essential to get rid of the debris without damaging the gutters and guarantee their optimal functioning.


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Soffit the area under your roof’s eaves or the finished surface below your fascia. Vented soffits play a crucial role in the ventilation of your attic by allowing air circulation through their small holes to prevent the rotting of your rafters and sheathing. Cracks and rot in your soffit secondary to insect or water damage will affect their capability to protect your attic and rafters.

Some property owners will opt to fix the above issues as a DIY project rather than get a professional. Unfortunately, this may cause more damage to the metal roof from sharp objects driven into different areas and places considerable stress on an already damaged roof. Furthermore, this places you at risk of falls.

To properly repair your damaged metal roof, call roofing repair experts instead.

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