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Toenail Fungus: Important Things You Need to Know

Many of us think very little of our feet. It is only when a part of our feet are tired or achy or something unusual and embarrassing happens to our feet do we take time to give them a little bit of TLC. When was the last time you had a good look at your feet and pampered them just because you felt like it?

Our feet are what literally keep us up and mobile 24/7. If anything happens to any part of our feet, our whole day can be affected. This is why you should never take foot care for granted; otherwise, you may end up with a foot problem.

One common foot problem is onychomycosis. Many people know this condition as a toenail fungal infection. This causes your toenail to turn yellow, white, or brown. The toenail tends to be brittle, grow thick, and be prone to splitting. In severe cases, pain can be felt in the area, along with a slightly bad odor. Certified podiatrists can help you with the right nail fungus treatment. In Singapore, many competent podiatrists can assess, diagnose, and treat toenail fungal infections pain-free. If you suspect that you have onychomycosis, do a little research about this condition.

It is easy to catch

It is true that you can get nail fungus easily if it runs in the family or if you have a certain chronic medical condition. But this condition is fairly easy to catch. You can get it if you have poor hygiene, which means that you do not change your sweaty socks daily. You can also get it from walking barefoot in public places and wearing tight shoes or a nylon pantyhose. Remember that this condition is contagious. You can catch it if any of your family members or housemates has one.


It can be easy to prevent

With more meticulous nail care, you can prevent yourself from getting onychomycosis. For one, keep your feet dry and change your socks as often as needed. Avoid wearing tight shoes, heavy boots, and pantyhose. Make it a point to wear your slippers in public places such as the beach, public showers, and locker rooms. Alternate the shoes you wear. If you intend to get a pedicure, find a nail salon and book an appointment during opening hours.

There are different nail fungus treatments

There are various treatment options for nail fungus since there are many types of nail fungal infections. While there are natural remedies you can try at home, your best bet is to consult a certified podiatrist. This way, they can treat your condition depending on the fungal strain. They can either treat it using an antifungal nail cream or nail polish, prescription meds, or photodynamic therapy. In some cases, you may be required to undergo surgery to remove the affected nail.

If you think that something is off with your nails, ask a podiatrist for help. This way, you can get the right diagnosis and treatment. By taking great care of your toes, you can avoid nail fungus. Not only can this help make sure that you get nice feet to show off. This will also help you prevent nasty toenail fungus from making you feel conscious and embarrassed.

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