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Impress Visitors With Walls That Look Amazing

When you move into a new house, the blank white walls might seem like they are mocking you. You should solve this by adding some decorative touches. There are various options and they range from expensive to cheap. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Bright Paint

The simplest solution for boring gray walls is to paint them over. You can get a bucket of paint for only a few dollars and you can do all of the labor. You can even ask friends to do it for the low price of a meal. All you have to remember is to be careful about laying down some protection on your floors so that the paint doesn’t drip down on it.

Depending on who the occupant of the room is, you might consider brighter or lighter colors. You can even be artistic and try for actual paintings instead of just a layer of color. If you have the skill or know someone who has it, then you might want to paint murals and art on your walls. This would be a great thing to show off to visitors.

Decorative Plaster

If there is anything that can smooth over your walls, it is plaster. But it doesn’t have to be completely flat. Plaster is a very malleable material and you can choose to play with it a bit. There are high-quality plastering tools and equipment available at the local hardware that can allow you to work with plaster. You can order more specialized equipment if you want to get fancy.

But simple decorations should not be beyond your reach. For example, you can give the illusion of patters in the plaster with a simple paint roller with patterns etched on to the surface. Roll it onto the wet plaster and you can have a wall of writhing forms. Other designs are also possible, depending on your creativity. You can make it look like the plaster is a brick wall if you are good enough.

Material Panels

wood panel

Another option for covering up the walls is the use of panels of various materials. The simplest option is basic wood. It can give the illusion that your home is a log cabin, especially if you use the right wood. You can also choose something really impressive. For example, if you can afford it, marble panels will have people feeling it out and checking it if is real.

For installing the panels, you will need to ensure that the walls will be able to hold up the panels. You also need to have a full set of panels. You do not want a mismatched set since that will ruin the effect.

Go Unorthodox

Some options can come from out of nowhere. If you’ve left an interesting life and are settling down, then you most likely have your choice of wall décor. Consider what impression you want to make and decide on what to put up.

Many people think that once a wall is done, they don’t have to worry about it. But a basic wall is boring to look at. If you want your home to become a better place for your and your family, you should be more creative.

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