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Three Self-care Practices for the Modern Man

Contrary to popular belief, self-care has no gender. It’s simply a practice of taking care of oneself by doing what they think is best for their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Self-care is something that everyone can do, and it won’t make them any less of a man or woman in the process.

But self-care is not just about giving yourself mental health days or pampering treats to facials and massages; self-care is also about cutting toxic people out of your life and blocking out the noise from those that give you unnecessary stress. When you practice self-care, it applies to all aspects of your life.

Don’t be afraid to include self-care habits in your day-to-day routines because you need those to keep yourself sane. And don’t listen to people who think that practicing self-care will emasculate you because it won’t. Any person who thinks that way is a source of negativity that you don’t need in your life. Here are three self-care practices to get you started:

Invest in Your Smile

Your smile is the best armor that you can wear when you head into battle. Of course, that shouldn’t be taken literally because although a great smile might be able to turn a few heads, it won’t protect you from blunt swords. But it can save you from awkward situations and uncomfortable interactions.

A good smile is something that everyone needs to have because smiles are powerful gestures. It has the ability to make other people comfortable in your presence, and it can communicate the emotions that words can’t. Unfortunately, some people have difficulties showing their best smile because of dental problems.

For instance, if you have crooked teeth, you might not want to show them when you smile because you will feel embarrassed. To address that, you can look for dentists that make lab-produced clear aligners, which are devices that can help straighten your teeth without the need for metal brackets or braces.

But if you’re dealing with something more serious than crooked teeth, then it might be best to consult a dentist about what steps you can take to fix it. Don’t let minor flaws hinder you from showing off your pearly whites, especially because a good smile can bring comfort to strangers even without your knowledge.

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Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Self-care is not only about taking care of the parts of your body that people can see; it’s also about caring for the parts that are invisible to the naked eye. This includes your internal organs, your immune system, and your brain, among others.

You can do this by eating good food that can provide you with enough vitamins and nutrients to fulfill your daily intake recommendation. Look into heart-healthy food, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grain, or food high in fiber.

Another way you can promote a healthy lifestyle is by cutting out junk food that is high in sugar and salt but doesn’t contribute to your daily nutrient intake. This is more commonly known as empty calories, which does nothing but satiate your craving for unhealthy junk food.

You can also do more exercises so that you aren’t completely sedentary throughout the day. Insert physical activity within your schedule if you must and ensure that you’re getting enough sleep in your day-to-day routine. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

With easy access to social media platforms and the glamorous lifestyles of celebrities, it can be difficult to ignore the stark differences of your life compared to theirs. You may not have the perfect body, the perfect house, the best clothes, and the fattest bank account, but you’re you; that’s what matters.

Although it may not seem like it, you are perfectly capable of being happy in your own skin. It’s normal to feel insecure when you see pictures of models and their unrealistic standards for what men should look like, but you’re not alone in this battle.

Across the world, many men are also trying hard to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is exactly what women feel when they see other women with better bodies, skin, or lifestyles than theirs. And while this has become the normal reaction to seeing such high standards, it’s also something that can be changed.

You can start by identifying parts of yourself that you won’t exchange for anything in the world. Then, you should try expanding those that you do love about yourself towards the parts that you don’t particularly like. Once you’ve covered all the grounds, you’ll see that you have learned how to feel comfortable in your skin.

Always remember that you are a work in progress and that taking care of yourself is how you can achieve your goals. You won’t be able to find happiness and contentment in your successes if you don’t learn how to love yourself. So start by making sure that you have accepted the things you cannot change and have changed what you can to lead a fuller life.

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