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Workplace Improvement to Pursue for Improved Productivity

Your employees’ productivity hinges on several factors. For starters, they need to be aptly assigned to their job designation, which is something your hiring managers should ensure from the get-go. Plus, proper training must be provided not just upon hiring but every time there are new systems and processes introduced. You also need to sufficiently boost their morale by providing competitive remuneration packages that are commensurate with their respective skills and competencies. And, lastly, ensure that your office is conducive to work.

For the last item in that list, there are requirements you need to deliver. These include the following:

Buy ergonomic furniture

When you say ergonomic, it means stuff designed to best cater to the human anatomy. The goal is to cause less strain and stress to the body. It’s important that you find a supplier of office cabinets, work chairs, and desks that are ergonomic. That way, your employees will not get tired halfway through their shift and accomplish more deliverables.

Equip your employees with top-notch technology

Your internet’s download speed should be based on how many staff members you have. You cannot apply the same Wi-Fi rules you have at home to the office. For offices with employees between 10 and 15, 150 Mbps will suffice. If you have more than 20 employees, you need at least 500 Mbps. Complement your reliable internet connection with reliable gadgets such as professional-grade laptops. Using top-notch technology means your workforce won’t be slowed down by preventable technical glitches.

Make sure your HVAC system’s working right

Your heating and cooling systems need to work as they are meant to work. When it’s the cold season, the office should be pleasantly warm. If it’s the hot season, the office should be comfortably cool. Otherwise, your employees will either be drenched in sweat or shivering while they do their job. Their output will suffer. Make sure your HVAC systems’ regularly cleaned too. You want to get rid of allergens in the vents and filters that can trigger allergic reactions among your staff.

Purchase sufficient office supplies

There should be enough office supplies for everyone. If you notice your employees fighting over staplers or bond papers like it’s The Hunger Games, there’s a problem. Allot sufficient budget for office supplies and make sure the person in charge is not misappropriating the money. You do not want to delay mailing an important document just because you ran out of manila envelopes.

Be wary of workplace hazards

Keep your employees safe. Be cautious of workplace hazards. Make sure your custodian’s equipped with signs and warnings, for example. A wet floor should come with a wet floor sign. Or else, an employee might get into an accident that will force them to stay home. That affects office output.

Have accessible documents for reference

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Every training you conduct should be supplemented by official documents. And these documents should be accessible to everyone at the office. That way, every time someone’s confused on how to go about a particular process, they can refer to the most legitimate source of information.

Have anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and anti-bullying policies in place

Toxic workplace culture is one of the most notorious culprits for low office productivity. And that is often triggered by harassment, discrimination, and bullying cases that are swept under the rug. Your office should have a clear stance against those and it should be written as an official policy.

Allot space for collaboration

There’s so much good that comes out of collaboration. People become more productive once they get helpful inputs from colleagues. Inspire a culture of collaboration within the office. Allot a space for it. Anytime there’s a need for groups to come together, that space should provide everything they need.

If the majority of your workforce currently do their jobs remotely due to the pandemic, you’re temporarily spared from investing in the abovementioned requirements that boost employee productivity. That is if you hadn’t yet before COVID-19. Right now, your employees are responsible for ensuring that the workstations they have at home cater to their professional needs.

However, things will soon go back to the old normal. Once we reach herd immunity due to widespread inoculation of communities, workers will have to say goodbye to work from home arrangements. By then you need to have adapted the necessary improvements to your office. That is if you want your business to be as competitive as possible. When it’s business as usual, there’ll be stiffer competition. And your employees should be well-equipped with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills.

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