Why Jeeps Are Built Different and How to Maintain Them

One of the things that set jeeps apart from the entire selection of vehicles out there is their versatility. It’s not every day that you get to see a vehicle drive through mud, rocks, snow, or rain while also being able to drive you to your family gathering. Well, jeeps are as versatile as it gets.

Speaking of versatility, perhaps the one thing that makes jeeps so recognizable and iconic is their ability to go off-road. Are you done with your regular commute and you want to go up the mountains? Jeeps can take you to both places.

By the way, when we say up the mountains, we mean literally driving into the mountain between rocky terrain and tough situations! If you want to learn more about this, we have listed some of its advantages and maintenance tasks below.

Advantages of Driving a Jeep

The question we probably have in our minds is what makes jeeps so great? If you’re thinking of owning a vehicle, why should you consider getting a jeep? Well, here are a few benefits that you may want to consider.

1. Longer Lifespan

If we’re talking about mileage, there’s absolutely no comparison between a jeep and an average car. Jeeps have about 400,000 mileage coverage, while a regular car is only half of it at 200,000 mileage. Initially built for wars, it is safe to assume that jeeps are durable enough to last for many years.

2. Holds Its Value

One thing you can’t question about jeeps is how it holds its value. Despite being a high mileage car, the fact that it’s a vehicle that has an extremely long lifespan helps it maintain its market price. If you want to resell it, you can expect it to have a higher resale price than the regular car.

3. Timeless Design

Nothing says style like pulling up to a driveway in an iconic vehicle such as the jeep. If you look around in the street today, you’ll see a lot of old-fashion vehicles despite being manufactured just five or ten years back. However, with a jeep built for World War II, you’d definitely see some heads turn your way because of how recognizable it is.

4. Customizable

Perhaps one thing that isn’t always obvious about jeeps is how customizable they are. You can install various upgrades to your jeep that are as personal as it gets. With an entire community of jeep owners, you can find lots of people selling stuff made specifically for jeeps.


Jeep Maintenance

Jeeps are already sturdy and strong enough the way they are, but this doesn’t mean they are immortal. Jeeps are also prone to certain damages you may experience in a regular vehicle, probably just not that often. In keeping your jeep in its pristine condition, here are a few things you can do:

1. Regular Maintenance

Just like an average car, regular maintenance is also necessary for your jeep. That includes changing the oil on it every 4,000 miles.

Driving on different terrain also brings external elements that can otherwise damage your vehicle’s engine, so make sure you get to bring your jeep to a car wash for a deep clean every time you get home from an adventure. You should also have the grip of your tires checked every 7,000 miles to ensure that you don’t slip while driving on rough terrain.

2. Cleaning and Washing

Since your jeep is more likely to be exposed to the harsh conditions of different terrain, you’re more likely to encounter mud, water, and dirt. Applying a coating of professional-grade nano-ceramic can help preserve the shine of your vehicle. Although the dirt, dust, and mud might still stick to your vehicle, it would be easier to rinse them off, and the original color of your jeep would not get damaged.

3. Having a Mechanic

Given that you know your way around your jeep’s internal functions, there are still quite a few things that might take more than a home remedy. That’s because some home tools are just not enough to conduct repairs. Make sure that you have a mechanic on your contacts, one who specializes in jeeps, to ensure that your vehicle is always in its good running condition.

Jeeps further enhance the idea of freedom because you can further stretch the boundaries of where you can actually go. There’s almost no terrain that can stop you from going where you want to go. That’s what makes jeeps so great. It is also why the community is so wide and powerful because you know that there are people out there who also want to go where no other vehicle has gone before. Knowing what makes your jeep a king on and off the road and how you can maintain it is vital in maximizing its capabilities.

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