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Technologies That Have Influenced Air Conditioning Over the Years

Whenever summer approaches in Riverview, people rush to their air conditioning units and thermostats to get some coolness. In the US alone, 185 billion kilowatt-hours go into home cooling, making the country the global leader in this respect. On the global scale, the sale of air conditioners is growing astronomically, spurred by demand in India, China, and other emerging nations.

Everywhere you look, the quality of air conditioning seems to be improving, as it has over the years. For instance, with a press of a few buttons, the humidity and temperature of your home can be instantly changed.

This capability is just one of the many that have transformed the HVAC industry this century. Even better, Riverview air conditioning companies are well-versed about these advancements, so there are repairs readily available.

But, just how relevant have the various technological inventions been for the industry?

Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a feature of modern air conditioning systems and are related to wireless technologies. Wireless technologies have made us forget the days when the thermostat stayed with one setting the whole day simply because the occupants were away. Nowadays, users are able to control the system from anywhere through their Wi-Fi enabled tablets or phones.

This type of thermostat is unique in the sense that you can program it in advance in terms of daily routines. Some benefits of this technology are energy usage analysis, money saving, enhanced efficiency, and remote access.

Single Stage Cooling

Single stage cooling technology has been around for some time and used to be the only one available for many years. Its distinction is its nature of working full power to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. Upon the attainment of the temperature, the air conditioner switches off and waits until the room becomes warmer.  Although this system offers the benefit of low installation costs, the maintenance and operating expenses may become unbearable later.

Two-Stage Cooling

This technology is an improvement on the single stage cooling solution. Everyone is looking for ways to save energy and make the world greener. Typically, the system comes with three settings. Instead of switching off when the desired temperature is attained, the air conditioner continues running, but at a lower speed. It just needs to maintain the temperature. Many users like it for the capability to stop energy spikes, equipment strain, extend the life of the equipment and improved user comfort from consistent cooling.

Corrosion Resistance

In times of high humidity or generally harsh weather, your HVAC system can sustain the most damage because it is exposed to outside elements. If you have ever rushed to replace or repair a corroded component, then you will be excited to know that modern AC systems contain corrosion resistant components.

Add-Ons for Enhanced Air Quality

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Anyone who has tasted the quality of air offered by modern air conditioners may notice the difference from older equipment immediately. Most of the modern systems are characterized by higher dehumidification capability, meaning that can maintain minimal humidity while still providing the required temperature. Moreover, they feature air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and other tools for enhanced user experience.

If you’ve been postponing the upgrade of your AC, you probably do not know what you are missing. With these advancements, cooling down your home has never been easier and more efficient.

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