Hardwood Flooring

Apart from Timber: What Hardwood Can Be Used as Flooring Materials?

There are properties that timber needs for it to qualify as hardwood. Color, specific gravity, odor, grain shrinkage, moisture content, and strength are some of the properties to look at. For example, if timber has a golden yellow or dark brown color, chances are it is a hardwood. All types will need a specific gravity that is less than one, and they mostly range between 0.7 and 0.9. These characteristics also determine how it will function as a flooring material and the kind of hardwood refinishing Kansas City experts need to do.

Apart from timber, other hardwood floors have become popular. They give a home a timeless look, and if refinished regularly, they can last for a lifetime. The different types used include:

Maple and Bamboo

Maple floors are popular in some states, as these have subtle grain patterns that suit both large and small spaces. Maple is durable and can endure high foot traffic. However, it is not porous, so you have to be careful when choosing a finish. The floor will resist most stains available on the market.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is not as popular, but it is just as good. As it is a type of grass, it comes in a range of colors. Take note, however, that it will not be ideal to use bamboo flooring if you live in a swampy area. Bamboo will also need to be sanded regularly because it can scratch easily.

Rosewood and walnut

Rosewood is unique in grain patterns, allowing you to have a variety of styles and colors to pick from, ranging from purple to yellow. While most people prefer to use this hardwood for making furniture, it does an excellent job as a flooring material.

Walnut can give any room an exotic and dark look. It is versatile, making it ideal for someone who wants to experiment with the décor of their house. It can handle high foot traffic and will survive a home with pets.

Hickory hardwood

Hickory hardwood

Hickory floors provide durability and a rustic look. Go for this option if you want a deck that has a distressed feel, but one that can handle heavy activity. These floors match with any décor.

Cherry hardwood

Cherry floors bring elegance to any space. They have a pinkish look after installation that only gets deeper as the floor ages. Cherry hardwood will scratch easily, so you need to keep refinishing it to maintain its fresh look. Brazilian cherry hardwood is quite distinct from the rest of the wood under this category. It has a reddish brown tint and is durable.

Many types of hardwood material can be used for flooring. Some, like pine, are not even wood, but they have the characteristic strength. When making a choice, know the wood’s durability. Is the material you want susceptible to dents and dings? What does it look like with your décor? While the ability to refinish is a blessing, you need to consider how often you need to do it to keep your home looking decent.

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