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Tech-free Ways to Cool Your Home

Do you know that today’s homes are designed for the future? Smart technologies such as AI-controlled thermostats and self-learning appliances make things more convenient for homeowners. However, not all homes are built equally, and most people prefer using analog appliances. Cost is a valid reason why most people won’t jump onto the “technology wagon” just yet.

If you are one of those homeowners who still haven’t used tech for their houses, here are tech-free ways to keep your home cool:

Install awnings

Awnings have been protecting people from the harsh sun since 50 BC! Since then, awnings have been a preferred method of keeping stores and homes protected from the elements. In Denver and other places, awning experts recommend UV-resistant fabric to help lower the heat index inside our homes. This will also protect home appliances, floors, and linen, which are prone to UV damage.

Awnings can help reduce indoor heat by up to 50%, especially during the summer months. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Clean your AC unit

Servicing or cleaning your AC unit has several benefits, including a cool and safe home. A clean and well-maintained air-conditioning unit can help reduce the humidity inside your home. It helps regulate the temperature to ensure that a home’s occupants are comfortable.

AC units prevent harmful allergens and pet parasites from entering your home, thanks to their built-in filters. Another good thing about clean air conditioning is that it can prevent home appliances from overheating.


Use curtains or drapes

Drapes and curtains play vital roles in lowering the heat index of your home. Modern advances in fabric technology enable these products to block sunlight. They have special linings that filter infrared and ultraviolet light.

Another advantage of installing these drapes and curtains is noise reduction. Due to their thick linings, they can reduce noise pollution for up to forty percent (40%). This helps you sleep soundly at night.

Let the fresh air circulate

Cross-ventilation is an effective way to cool your home. It works by allowing fresh air inside while pushing hot and stale air outside. Opening your doors and windows also allows heat to escape and lower a room’s temperature.

Turning on your electric fans and ceiling fans also helps circulate fresh air within your home.

Consider changing bedroom linen

Picking the right linen helps reduce the heat in your bedroom. Bamboo linen is a good choice because its porous fibers release the heat from your body. You can also go for cotton linen since it can absorb sweat without the heat. Some recommend “freezing” your linen sheets. Put your pillowcases inside a resealable plastic bag and freeze them for about an hour. Pop them out of the bag and have a good night’s sleep.

Overall, these are just some simple suggestions on how to keep your home cool during the summer months. You do not need smart gadgets to beat the summer heat. Simple hacks such as these will do you wonders. Consult a professional if you feel unsure.

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