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How Long Will Your House Last?

Building a new house can be a rewarding experience. There is something satisfying about seeing your dream house rising from nothing until you can move in. It gives you a sense of great accomplishment. So, it only makes sense you ensure that your home will be constructed correctly and that it will last.

But how long will your house last?

The Life Expectancy of a House

According to experts, the life expectancy of a typical wooden home with concrete foundations should be about 100 years. So, make sure to work with a reputable home foundation contractor. They make sure that a home has a solid foundation.

About half of the homes in America today were built before 1980. If the contractors had workmanship and used the right materials, then those properties still have decades before they need complete rebuilding.

Maintenance of Older Homes

Older homes would require some form of maintenance during their lifetime. The roof may have to be replaced once or twice during their lifetime. After all, it withstands harsh weather elements constantly.

You may also need to install new bathrooms and kitchens in an older home to keep it up to date. Timely electrical and plumbing system updates are also necessary for safety and sanitary reasons.

High-Rise Structures

Condominiums, apartments, and other high-rise structures usually have shorter lifespans when compared to ordinary home structures. The shorter lifespan is due to the high cost needed to replace the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other systems and components of those buildings. Rather than renovate or upgrade their plumbing system, some apartment or condo owners choose to sell their unit and move to another property, instead. It is not surprising that the value of those properties declines sharply after a short period.

When Building or Buying

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When you are building your own house, you naturally want it to be as sturdy and long-lasting as possible. You can ensure that by seeing to it that the foundation of the structure is sound and stable. A weak foundation may mean that your house will not last.

You can always sell your home even if you do not want to pass it down to your children. So, one of the best ways to get a reasonable price is to have a solid foundation.

If you are buying a house, one of the things to check is the foundation. You also need to inspect its overall soundness and structural integrity. You do not want to end up owning a house that isn’t likely to last for years.

You can usually determine the lifespan of a house by how and when the contractor built the foundation. An ordinary home constructed with the right materials and techniques can last up to a century and sometimes longer.  Proper maintenance also plays a significant role in determining if a house will last or not.

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