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How to Look Stylish On and Off the Slopes

Selecting your ski outfits can be super fun but quite challenging at the same time. Fortunately, plenty of skiwear brands nowadays sell windproof and waterproof clothes that are trendy and stylish.

With a little work, you can definitely find the perfect skiwear that will look chic while you do all sorts of snow activities or while going out and about. To help you on your hunt, below are some easy tips.

Figure Out How You Want to Look

Do you want to look trendy, a classic ski bunny, super laidback or sporty? There are lots of ways to look stylish on the slopes no matter the look you are going for. If you are the outdoorsy type, you will probably lean towards clothing styles that will not get easily ruined. Think solid colors and fabrics that are easy to clean.

If your style is more on the glam side, meanwhile, metallic and prints are the way to go. There are endless ways to turn your ski style to street style with minor tweaks.

Look for a Versatile Ski Jacket

Go for a jacket that you can wear on the slopes and off as well. While you have to ensure that the brand is appropriate for snow activities, many brands offer ski jackets with modern designs and flattering fits. Just look at Obermeyer women’s jackets for sale to see what we mean.

Go for Both Functional and Fashionable

If that ski jacket you are eyeing looks super great, but is not waterproof or is too tight for layering, look for something else. Your day in the snow can easily be ruined if your clothes are not capable of withstanding the elements. No outfit, no matter how stylish, is worth sacrificing an excellent time for.

Don’t Be Afraid of Prints and Patterns

If you are into prints and patterns, mixing and matching are the ways to go. Opt for one printed or patterned piece of clothing and coordinate your other clothing pieces around it.

For instance, plaid ski pants are perfect for solid-color jackets and tops or a printed ski jacket will match plain ski pants. You can also incorporate prints and patterns through your hats, scarves, gloves and vests.

Don’t Forget About Après Ski

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Layering cold weather clothes requires versatility. During snow activities, you need to dress up in layers—your base layer, mid-layer and your outerwear. This way, you are prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

The key to layering is to bring clothing items that you can wear on the slopes and out about in the town, or for après ski activates in the ski resort. For example, a zip-up vest or fleece underneath your ski jacket will function well for skiing and also look stylish without the jacket during après ski or lunch out.

Yes, playing around with skiwear fashion is fun, but you should never choose fashion over function during snow holidays. Make sure that your skiwear looks chic, but comfortable and functional as well.

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