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A Fresh State of Mind: Ways to Declutter Your Home

Even before Marie Kondo shot up to fame for her new approach to decluttering, many people have wanted to know how they can better organize their homes. The problem is that because of some bad advice or clumsy decluttering strategies, they often end up not saving space or not making good use of their home at all.

If you are thinking of decluttering to free up space in your home, it is time to disregard bad decluttering practices. Here are some nuggets of wisdom that you can use:

Rethink the space

It helps to look at your home from a different perspective and see if it needs a bit of a redesign. You might need to rethink how you use space or furniture to make it more efficient.

For example, furniture like ottomans that can be used as storage space is an excellent addition if you still do not have one. Another example is the wall mount sliding door. Unlike regular doors, you merely have to slide the door along a track instead of swinging it open.

Not everything should go

When it comes to decluttering, the goal is to reduce, not remove everything. Some people feel the need to downsize to zero and start over again. The truth is that you do not need to let everything go. If there are some things that you can’t just let go, like boxes of old photos of family or books that you hold dear to your heart, do no throw them away. There are lots of great storage ideas that you can use.

Don’t declutter by rooms

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The first thing that people do before they start tackling the clutter in their homes is deciding which room to do first. However, they often find themselves frustrated for not being able to finish decluttering one room. They always find some stuff to sort out then end up giving up altogether.

According to Marie Kondo, start by sorting your things into categories. For instance, you can start with your clothes. Then, move on to photos or your living room essentials. That way, you will find yourself ticking boxes from your to-sort list quickly.

Declutter every day

Some people feel overwhelmed when decluttering because they think that they have to do it in just one day. However, it does not have to take the whole morning or afternoon. It can even take only five minutes to sort things out. You can make it a part of your morning routine or before you hit the sack. By doing this bit by bit every day, you will be surprised by how much clutter you can remove from your home and save space.

Making good use of every inch of your home is not just a fad. It is a lifestyle and most importantly, a state of mind. It does not happen overnight or in an instant. With practice and by changing your everyday routine, you can make decluttering a daily habit and finally get rid of the mess in your home.

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