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Ways to Make Your Car Look Like How You Bought It Years Ago

Buying a car is about the looks as it is about the performance. If you buy a car, aesthetics is just as important as performance or fuel efficiency. This is something most car owners agree on. Who would want their car looking like an old prop from a second-rate action movie? Here are some practical ways to keep your car’s aesthetics top-notch.

Headlight Restoration

Years of use can take their toll on your car’s headlights. You might find your headlights hazy and getting some of that yellow tint that plagues most older cars. Once upon a time, the only way to actually fix this would be to buy a new set of headlights. Headlight restoration has been gaining popularity in recent years. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but it’s also a lot easier. Let’s say that you own a 98 Mitsubishi. Finding replacement parts like headlights could be a pain since no one produces them anymore and you’re stuck trying to find them online or trying your luck in some random automobile shops.

With headlight restoration, your existing headlights will be as good as new. There are even DIY kits if you prefer doing the deed yourself, and it won’t be far off from professional work. Professional restoration jobs are still a cheaper and easier alternative to replacing your existing headlights, and finding shops that offer the service is as easy as searching Google for information. An added benefit to restoring headlights aside from aesthetics is safety. Having clear and bright headlights adds security for you and your loved ones.

Clear Bra Installation

Not many know what Clear Bra is, and no, it’s not the undergarment that females wear. Clear Bra is a film-like substance that protects your car’s paint job from road debris, which may scratch or chip away on paint. It’s usually installed in the front and sides of your car. While getting Clear Bra installed might be a bit costly—it may cost as much as $2,500 depending on the number of panels you want done—look at it as an investment instead of vanity. Clear Bra will last for years, and that’s definitely cheaper than having a paint job done every year or a wax job done every month. Needless to say, wax doesn’t really offer much in the way of protection from scratches. Clear Bra is indeed a good investment that keeps your car looking brand-new for longer.

Ceramic Coating

Red car being polished

This is a great alternative to the previously mentioned Clear Bra. While it’s also a bit costly—it can cost up to $2,000—ceramic coating can last longer as long as it’s maintained and cared for properly. It’s also a lot easier to clean a car with ceramic coating than one without as dust won’t be sticking on your precious car. Water and mud also slide off easily. Maintaining your car exterior can’t be easier.

Investing in your car’s exterior is a reflection of you and how you take care of the important things in your life. While buying a car is not all about the looks, it’s definitely an important factor. Seeing a car with that shine is so much easier on the eyes than a car with nicks and scratches or a heavy coating of dust and dirt. Maintaining your car’s exterior is a part of your life as a car owner, and the ways listed above makes it a lot easier for you to do so.

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