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Attic Conversion Adds Room to Your Home

For a growing family, you will be faced with the dilemma of accommodating the space and privacy needs of your children. By nature, when children reach adolescence, they would demand more space to keep their stuff, and sometimes separation from their siblings and parents for some “me” time.

An attic is commonly used for storage, with the extra space being the home for the unused stationary bike or the crib that was already outgrown. In tight cities, it is encouraged to have loft conversions especially in Beckenham and other towns where spaces are at a premium.

Attic conversion sounds like an easy and practical project, but you may be wary of the cost. Here are some excellent reasons to consider the investment.

Extra living space

Converting your attic, which could have just accumulated dust and is now filled with useless trinkets that you should have disposed of a long time ago, into a living space is already a plus. In anyone’s book, it is a win-win situation.

It does not even have to be a bedroom, but it could be a game room or a hobby room. There is hardly any family that would not have any use for an extra room. However, most people hesitate because they scoff at the cost. If you will build new space on your backyard, that would have some significant cost.

However, making use of a space that is readily available would not entail much more than the cost of a small renovation.

No planning permission needed

It is troublesome to get permission from the government for any expansion. However, there is no such requirement if you will just convert your attic. An authorisation is only needed if you will change or expand the exterior of the house.

Preserve your outdoor space

Speaking of the exterior of the house, renovating your attic will preserve your outdoor space. No need to waste the landscaping arrangement, no need to sacrifice to the medicinal plants that you have grown in the garden.

There won’t be any destructive effect to the structure of the house; it’s purely a harmless extension, just a renovation.

The home will not be disrupted

Speaking of a renovation, an attic conversion will not be very disruptive for the home. Most of the house functions can continue because all of the work is done at the roof. Your kitchen will remain untouched, even your bedrooms.

You can still hang out in the living room, and there is no need to make inconvenient temporary changes.

More value for your home

Most people would disregard it, but adding a good, functional room in your house can increase its market value. It is loosely estimated at 25 per cent, depending on the size of your attic and how much renovation was done.

Even when listing your home, if you have a loft room in the attic, that increases the number of bedrooms or functional rooms. It can sway some buyers. When you consider that an attic conversion is not that expensive to begin with, the resale value may have actually made up for the initial cost.

Attic conversion also addresses insulation needs

Modernized attic room

There are discussions on the need to insulate your attic to regulate the temperature of the rest of the house. When you embark on your renovation project, the insulation is also addressed. This is because the renovation will have you reinforcing the walls and ceilings of the attic, even adding additional flooring, whether it is vinyl or carpet flooring. Either option can help with the insulation.

Attic Conversion is a practical way to address the need to expand your home. The added living space and can bring relief for your family, and you get to maximise every area of the house.

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