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Why Every Home Needs a Sunroom

Sunrooms (also called as solariums, sun porches, or garden conservatories) are rooms that allow abundant sunlight and an unobstructed view of the outside. They are either built with large windows or have an almost-greenhouse design wherein the walls and ceiling are largely made up of glass to let the sunlight enter.

Let us explore why more homes are getting sunrooms and why you should have one, too:

The Efficiency

Sunrooms are cost-effective. They require sturdy frames and large glass panels, which can be cheaper than full wooden panels or concrete. Not only that, but sunrooms allow enough sunlight in to heat your living space. You do not have to worry about heating the room with a heater or route your home heating system into it.

The View and the Sunlight

Sunrooms do not only allow you to enjoy the view from outside, but it also allows you to bask in natural light. It makes it a perfect place for you to lounge, work, study, and even dine. You would also be able to get your daily dose of vitamin D even after a rainy day without the need to step on wet pavement or grass.

If you are worried about privacy, there are glass coatings that allow you to view the outside while preventing those from the outdoors to see you from the inside. You can also have solar window films made for conservatories and sunrooms, as they help block 99% of UV rays while still allowing light to shine through unobstructed. Moreover, you can use hardened or reinforced glass to improve the security of your sunroom.

They Expand Your Living Space

A sunroom can easily be added. If you feel like your home is starting to get crowded, you can have a sunroom added to further extend your living space and de-clutter your home. A sunroom can feel like a separate sanctuary, away from all the furniture and activity around the house, making it a good spot for you to unwind.

They Have Multiple Purposes

Roof with windowSunrooms have a lot of potential, as they are ideal for workout and meditation. In fact, some homes use their sunrooms as their personal gym or workout area. Some also use their sunrooms as greenrooms to grow herbs and other plants that require to be grown in a regulated or controlled environment that is away from the harsh weather and elements. Sunrooms can also be used for hobbies, such as painting, bird-watching, and crafting due to the natural light and full view of the outside.

They Add Value and Curb Appeal

A well-made sunroom can increase your home’s curb appeal, making it look more inviting and cosy. Not only that, but the addition of a sunroom to your home can increase its market value and make it easier to sell if you decide to sell your house in the future.

Sunrooms could be a beneficial and beautiful feature for your home. However, it is best to remember that too much sunlight can be harmful to your furniture and skin. If you are convinced to have one added to your home or your home’s future design, make sure to add film coatings as well.

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