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What Matters in Choosing a Hotel?

The accommodation is your base to plan your adventure, rest and relax before exploring again, and a place to do nothing in for a day or two during your vacation. It is also the place you look forward to when your body is aching and tired. For some travelers, the hotel they spend a night or so in can ruin or make their trip worthwhile.

Before making a reservation, here is what matters when it comes to booking a hotel.

Price Range

Many travelers look for affordable hotels here in Seattle or other cities and destinations they want to visit. Price and good value are deal breakers when looking for accommodation. Set a floor and ceiling on how much you are willing to spend then search online. Compare prices and the inclusions to determine which hotel provides the best value.

Some hotels have the same pricing, but what sets them apart are the facilities, location and the extra services included. Always check their website, and call or send them an email to confirm.

Nearness to Attractions and Transportation

Location is one of the reasons some travelers pay more despite finding a cheaper hotel online. The convenience of walking to attractions or taking a short ride is worth the extra dollars. It also saves you a lot of time going from point A to point B.

The proximity to attractions allows you to visit all of the places in your itinerary within a day or two, which is a bonus for people who have limited vacation time. Always check the map before booking to determine the exact address of the hotel.

Local Flavor

Some travelers look for a local ambiance when they go on vacation. If ticking items off a list isn’t your thing, look for a hotel that has a unique vibe so that you can immerse in a city’s or country’s culture. Search online about neighborhoods that are far from the tourist crowds and is a hotspot for locals.

Look for restaurants, pubs, cafes or galleries that highlight the personality of the place you are visiting. All these provide you with experiences that you will never forget.

Review the Amenities

The trivial things matter when it comes to choosing a hotel. The amenities that come with your booking can make or break your vacation. Does the hotel have its own gym or swimming pool? Is there a bar or restaurant to eat or hang out in? The answer to these questions can affect the quality of your stay.

If you want to spend a few days just in your accommodation, a pool or fitness center can make an enormous difference in your decision to book or not.


Picture of family checking in hotel

Are you traveling with family, with a partner or on your own? There are various kinds of hotels, depending on your trip. Some accommodations have an atmosphere that is ideal for couples, while others are family-friendly. Read the reviews, look at the facilities and amenities, and browse for photos.

These are some of the factors that may affect your decision in booking a hotel or not. Consider these in your upcoming trip to get the best value accommodation.

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