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Acquire These Skills if You Want to Be a Jack-of-all-trades

Major repairs in electrical, plumbing, and heating system are better left to the professionals. However, it hurts nobody to know the basics, especially men.

Every man should be familiar with fundamental home repair tools. This can be useful in times of urgent repairs such as leaky pipes and dripping faucets. These types of repairs are basic enough for a handyman in the house to fix. So why call in experts all the time?

Those who did not get the chance to pick up some handyman skills from their fathers, let this article make up for it.

1. Replace an electrical outlet

The word electrical can sound a little intimidating sometimes. But, there are a few electrical repairs the man of the house can handle himself—one is replacing a socket. Follow these easy steps:

  • Focus on safety first. Shut off the whole house power from the circuit breaker.
  • Using a hand tool, unscrew and remove the faceplate to the outlet.
  • Unscrew again to take out the outlet from the box and then pull it out.
  • Remove the wire/wires from the old outlet.
  • Wrap the grounding wire around the grounding screw.
  • Attach a new outlet and push it back to the box.
  • Screw the new outlet in place.
  • Attach the new faceplate.

And you’re done. It is nothing like a job that requires complex skills like those guys that do boiler repairs and maintenance.

While a simple repair job like replacing an electrical outlet can already boost the inner handyman ego, do not get too excited and remember the things a regular guy should not take on.

2. Stop a running toilet

The common issue with a running toilet has something to do with the rubber valve inside the tank. This valve is responsible for controlling the flow of water going to the toilet bowl. This should be a piece of cake. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Take the lid off the tank
  • Find the float ball and check if the connection has snapped.
  • If so, attach the float ball back to the rod—sometimes, it might need to be replaced—and the toilet should flush again.

3. Unclog a kitchen drain

This an essential home maintenance that does not need professional help. Unless there is some serious blockage. Try these steps:

  • Option 1

Dissolve the grease. In a large container, mix hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda. Then, pour into the sink. This should melt the oil that’s causing the blockage. (This also works in unclogging garbage disposal)

  • Option 2

Use a plunger. In a sink half full of water, place the cup of the plunger over the drain, make sure it’s tight, then push and pull the plunger with pressure. After a few seconds, the water should start draining.

  • Option 3

Unscrew the sink trap and manually clear the clog.

4. Replace a light switch

If a light stops functioning, it can’t be ignored. It has to be fixed before the night falls. Fortunately, just like replacing the outlet, it’s so easy. Everyone can master this in no time. Follow these steps:

  • On the circuit breaker, turn the power off.
  • Unscrew the switch plate.
  • Grab the voltage tester to make sure there is no power running on the circuit.
  • Unscrew the switch from the box and pull them out. Make sure the wires are correctly pulled out, too.
  • Place old and new switches parallel to each.
  • Start connecting wires one at a time to avoid getting confused.
  • Once done, push the new switch back to the box and screw it in properly.
  • Attach the switch plate and test.

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5. Filling in the pavement cracks

Sealing a concrete of asphalt crack must be done as early as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to much larger holes that can lead to larger problems and larger expenses. No one should be calling in experts to fill in simple cracks.

Follow these steps:

  • Remove grass, debris, and all kinds of dirt filling the crack. You may use water pressure for this.
  • Once dry, apply the filler of choice evenly.
  • Leave untouched for a whole day to harden.
  • Apply a second coat as needed.
  • Leave it untouched for another whole day to set.

Living in a house or an apartment knowing how to handle things yourself may give confidence and a feeling of ownership over your place. After all, every man should be the master of his palace.

There are more handyman skills out there that can be learned. Acquire them one at a time. Every successful repair will undoubtedly feed the handyman ego, which can make one want to gain more home repair skills.

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