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How the Pandemic Is Shaping Home Design Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on our mental and emotional health. Despite the threat of the global health crisis, some people look into good and positive things. As the adage goes, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Many people opted to become productive and creative amid the imposed lockdowns. While some turned to arts, like painting and crafting, some went over the board to improve their living spaces.

Decorating living spaces during the lockdown

Interior design and do-it-yourself projects to improve the home’s design and theme have been trendy in 2020.

During the lockdown period, people started home remodeling projects. For simple ones, homeowners can explore the world of DIYs. For more significant remodeling projects, they may need the help of a general contracting firm.

A house isn’t a place to live anymore. Since most people work and study from home, it has become their office, study area, yoga studio, gym, and kids’ playground.

Are you considering revamping your living space? Here are home remodeling projects you might want to try.

Going Boho

One of the most popular home themes today is bohemian-inspired designs. Bohemian or boho decorating is for those who want their homes full of life and culture. The design embraces the relaxed, carefree, and laid-back atmosphere.

While there are no rules for adapting the boho design, warm and earthy colors are typically used. Add woven carpets, white sofa covers, and macrame hangers to finish off the Bohemian look.

For those with a bigger space, constructing wood panels for furniture, bed frames, tables, and other fixtures is also inexpensive and decorative. Adding a wood panel on the wall or the bar counter can add to the house’s aesthetic appeal.

The Green Thumb

Another remodeling project you can do this lockdown is building an indoor green space. It pays to have a place in the house to unwind and relax. Aside from the aesthetic value plants add to the room, they have health benefits, too.

Indoor plants improve the ventilation in the house. Apart from this, plants help reduce stress levels, especially amid the pandemic. Working with plants could reduce both physiological and psychological stress.

When remodeling your home or apartment, you can add a shelf or an area to put your indoor plants. In some cases, bookshelves can be turned into a plant and succulent haven.

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Outdoor Hangout Space

Whether it’s a patio, a mini-garden, a swimming pool, or a gazebo, creating your little get-away spot in the backyard can help fight off your stress and anxiety.

In this pandemic, many people experience symptoms of depression due to isolation. While lockdown orders are in place in some regions, people can’t go out to travel and breathe fresh air.

Create an area where you can relax, watch the sky, breathe fresh air, and spend time with your family. You can build hire a contractor and designer for great works like installing wood panels or concrete floors. To make it more personalized, you can do the decorating.

Revamping Bedrooms

In the new normal, many children are homeschooled or opted to pursue distance learning. Most parents had the same problem early in the pandemic—where do the kids study?

Not many homes have study areas, particularly those living in small spaces. Many families resorted to making the most of their children’s room space.

Loft beds are suitable investments since you have a sleeping area and a working space in one. A loft bed is raised on supports high enough to make the floor space a study or work area.

Kitchen Makeover

During the lockdown, one of the busiest areas in the house is the kitchen. Since everyone stays at home for school or work, eating may have become a new hobby.

Parents spent time preparing food for their kids the whole day. Cooking does not only provide healthy home-cooked meals for the kids, but it also brings the family closer.

Eating as a family may not be a regular thing in the past due to hectic work schedules. Parents may not have the time to cook and prepare meals. The pandemic turned the tables, as parents had no choice but to prepare food for the family. It may be challenging, but it helped families spend quality time together.

The pandemic may have negatively impacted millions of lives globally. But, it also helped people realize the importance of family and home. Remodeling, crafting, painting, and other activities that bring out one’s creative juices helped individuals cope with the fear and anxiety tied to isolation and the pandemic.

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