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Know These Budget Ideas to Make Your Travel Dream Possible

Gone are the days when travelling is thought to be only for the rich and privileged. With so many options available to travellers now, travelling without a high-paying job is now possible. From accommodation to meals, there is something for every type of traveller.

Yes, travelling can be expensive. But with the right strategy, costs can be cut down. This article will help budget-conscious travellers make their dream trip happen. Try following these tips.

Stay in hostels

One of the biggest expenses in travelling is accommodation. Hotels in Europe can costs hundreds a night. This does now sound appealing to a budget-conscious traveller. One fantastic choice is to stay in hostels.

Staying in hostels can save a lot, especially when travelling alone.

The hostel is a low-cost lodging where guests rent bunk beds like in the dormitories. This means guests share rooms with other people. If a traveller is looking forward to meeting different people from different parts of the world, hostels would be an excellent place, not to mention that the food is relatively cheap.

Hostels usually cost about $20 to $30 per night in some parts of Europe and Australia, and they can go even cheaper in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. So going for hostels could really free up some bucks for other travel necessities.

Having said that, do not expect it to have a luxurious lobby and gorgeous bathtubs. In fact, hostels barely have those. Their cafe downstairs—lucky if they have one, too—won’t look like Starbucks with beautiful canopy and fancy exterior sun shades, but it can’t be that bad. The goal is to travel and not stay in one place, after all.

Go couchsurfing

The cost of staying in a hotel in the city center is just high and unnecessary for someone travelling on a budget. But, there is still an option if a traveller wants to stay in the city center without spending a dollar. How? Go to

CouchSurfing is a great way to save money while travelling. A host family can let their guest stay with them for free, but it will be appreciated if you bring a small present like a bottle of wine. Or at least return the favour by making friendship and fun interactions with the host.

Not only that, but CouchSurfing is also an excellent way to see a city through the eyes of its locals. By living in the home of a local, a “couchsurfer” will get to immerse himself fully with their culture by watching them perform their day-to-day routine.

Travel off-season

Cheaper options for everything—plane tickets, hotel/hostel accommodation, attraction fees, souvenirs, and many more—can be availed during the off-season. During this time, there is less tourism going on, making mostly everything cheaper than when it is peak season.

Besides that, travelling off-season means not dealing with a huge crowd and long lines to see an attraction. And, booking a hotel room and a flight is more convenient as there will be more availability.

Take advantage of the student discount

Stating the obvious, if a traveller is a student, make sure to bring a student ID because it can land some discounts. In Europe, there are a lot of museums offering notable discounts to students. Discounts are not only applicable in attractions and museums, but restaurants also offer them.

Tip: Do not be shy to ask if there is a discount on the price given to students at admission. It can score a huge saving just by asking.

Use travel points

Utilise travel points and miles. This is a common reward system that a traveller can get from hotels and airlines for doing business with them. If the traveller is a frequent flyer, he must check his miles point as he might already be entitled to a large discount.

 Shop from the aisle that has the discounts

Every discount counts. When you go on grocery shopping, look for that section in the store where the discounts are. These are the shelves that have marked-down food that is about to go in a few days. This why it is important to check if the booked hostel has a fridge that will allow guests to store food.

Getting discounts, even if it is just a few, is still a discount. Take advantage of it.

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Look for free attraction and free activities

Google is a traveller’s best friend in searching for free resources. Another way to learn about activities and places to see for free is to check with the front desk of the hotel/hostel or the host if you are couchsurfing. Ask for a recommendation and some printed maps and guides if they have one.

Decided to travel now? Plan the trip orderly, explore options, and remember these tips—they may help prolong a trip. Best of luck!

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