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Unique Activities For Progressive Men

We are now living in an era that is becoming more progressive. We are slowly shifting away from the notions that our society has conditioned us to accept as the truth, like gender roles. Now that these archaic beliefs are starting to be a thing of the past where they belong, it’s time for you to explore some new activities.

Unique Activities For Modern Men With A Modern Mindset

  1. Engage in eco-friendly activities.

Let’s get one thing straight; recycling is good for the environment. Unfortunately, research showed that some straight men see this activity and environmentalism as a feminine movement. This study found that men were unwilling to participate in eco-friendly activities such as recycling, using less plastic, and turning off appliances to save energy. They were worried that other people might label them as effeminate or gay. This thinking is an example of toxic masculinity, and you don’t want to involve yourself in that.

It’s time to dismantle those backward beliefs because, first of all, these activities are not only for women or members of the LGBTQ community; they are activities that we do to help our planet recover from the climate crisis and plastic pollution. We all have to do our part, so if you can do something good for the environment, do it without feeling ashamed. Real men recycle, reduce, and reuse plastic.

  1. Do some gardening.

There was a sudden increase in interest in gardening since the onset of the pandemic and never-ending lockdowns. A 2020 survey said that 86% of its respondents will continue this growing trend until the future.

Unfortunately, it’s another activity deemed too feminine by this patriarchal society that we live in. But since opinions about this activity are slowly shifting as more people get their hands dirty with soil, it’s time for you to give it a go, too, if you haven’t yet. Be a plant dad and help the environment.

  1. Be outdoorsy.

It’s a stereotype that men like staying indoors to play video games all day. There’s nothing wrong with being a gamer, but the real world can be beautiful too. So, when you’re feeling outdoorsy, it might be time to get out there and explore and prove that that stereotype is wrong.

There are many activities you can try. It can just be as simple as taking a walk or riding your bike around your neighborhood. You can also do something more adventurous and be in nature. There is a wide range of activities you can give a go, like hiking, camping, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and a lot more. Working out at the gym is cool, but these activities are also suitable for your physical and mental health.

  1. Take up a new hobby.

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We all have so much time in our hands right now, so it would be the perfect time to take up a new hobby. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why don’t you try something stereotyped as a feminine hobby?

Maybe you can take up film photography. Or you can also explore other hobbies like singing, painting, writing, and acting. If you want to challenge gender norms, you can also try pole dancing. Yes, pole dancing isn’t just for women. Men have been pole dancing for quite some time now. You can even pole dance to Ariana Grande’s songs. Give it a try; there is nothing wrong with it.

  1. You can get in touch with your feminine side.

Since we are now living in an era where we are redefining masculinity, it’s time for you to explore your feminine side without having to fear any kinds of uncalled-for judgments from your straight friends.

Getting in touch with your feminine side is socially important more than ever. You can join a feminist movement and be an ally of women. You can also start a business usually associated with women, like a barbershop, fashion designing, custom closet franchising, and many more. It’s surprising once you try them and see the doors that have opened for you because you gave being in touch with your feminine side a chance.

The Future Is Men In Touch With Their Feminine Side

Smashing the patriarchy is something more people have been actively taking part in. Another popular saying is that “the future is female.” But, all these things would be easier to achieve if we had more men in touch with their feminine side.



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