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Cool Decorating Tips For Men

We live in a time when society deems decorating as effeminate, which could be why most men aren’t into decorating their spaces, rooms, or houses. Fortunately, the world is becoming more progressive, and the tides are turning these past few years as a 2017 survey showed that 87% of men are interested in styling their spaces.

If you’ve recently joined the club of interior-decorating men and if you’re feeling clueless, you need not worry. It’s easy and fun, and we can also help you make your space look homier.

Home Decorating Tips For Men

Decorating isn’t complicated at all. You might need cash, but it should be an excellent investment. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a comfortable space that you can call home? Here are some tips on how you can create a nicer space for yourself:

  1. Clean up your clutter.

The first thing that you should do is make sure you declutter. If items are lying around, put them in your storage or give them away if you no longer have any need for them. For your shoes, you can invest in a small rack or cabinet where you can put them in, so they’re not just lying around.

You might also have your video game consoles’ wires lying everywhere in the corners of your home, so consider organizing them and using something to hide them from plain sight. Maybe put it behind a piece of furniture or some wall art.

  1. Choose your style.

Now, there are many types of interior design types you can choose that will suit your personality. You can choose from traditional, modern, eclectic, minimalist, contemporary interiors.

It might be tough to choose which one you want your space to look like. But as long as it will be practical and comfortable, and your chosen design will reflect your personality, then go for it. You can even do a fusion of two or more interior styles if you feel like you’re vibing with more than one style. Life is too short to stick to one style.

  1. Decorate your space.

Once you’ve made up your mind as to what theme your interior decorations will go by, then it’s time to make your space reflect more of your personality. You can have some vintage furniture if you feel like being sustainable and adding some uniqueness to your decorations. If you are into action figures, you can also put your collection out or even 3D print life-size versions of your favorite characters or your favorite sculpture.

As for your bare walls, you can add character to them by printing posters of your favorite films and shows and using them as wall art. You can also put up some shelves and flaunt your comic book collections on them.

  1. Allow some sunshine in.

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If you’re not lucky enough to have big windows, you might want to invest in some construction to get yourself some bigger windows to let some sunshine in your place. Plain curtains could do the trick on very bright days if you feel like it’s too much light.

If you have a balcony or a spacious porch, then it’s time to take advantage of that and turn it into an area where you can hang out and smoke, read a book, take your Zoom calls, or eat. You can decorate it by putting some plants and furniture. If you’re worried about not having a green thumb, then you can start with some low-maintenance plants like succulents and indoor plants. You never know; maybe there is a plant dad in you.

  1. Get some lamps and dim lights.

Most men don’t mind having white fluorescent light, which can be too intense and blinding. They can make your space look like a clinic. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not very inviting. Those lights can be good for reading, and if you want to stay up while doing something, if you have friends over, or if you want to have a calmer ambiance, it could be too much.

So it would be good if you could invest in some lamps that could suffuse your apartment with a cozy feel and peaceful atmosphere.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve been decorating your space, you might probably be interested in doing more to decorate your space. It can be addictive, especially when you see the results. So maybe you can get a cat? Or invite some friends for dinner?  You can do many things now that your space is so much nicer.



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