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Top 7 Strange But Helpful Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

It’s more than likely that you rely heavily on your car. If your area doesn’t have ‘good’ public transportation systems or is very limited, a vehicle is necessary to help you get from point A to point B. Whether it’s going to work or picking up your kids from school, cars are crucial. However, maintaining a car’s appearance and functionality can be expensive.

Luckily, there are numerous ways you can take care of your car by yourself. Although typical car maintenance tips like taking your Porsche to get professionally serviced at your local auto repair shop can help—did you know that toothpaste can also keep your car in its best condition?

That said, here are some uncommon and even downright unusual car maintenance tips to help ensure your car’s functionality and appearance stays in pristine condition.

Toothpaste for Foggy Headlights

A car’s headlights can become foggy over time, especially when you use your vehicle often. Cloudy headlights can make your car dangerous to operate during the night. Fortunately, you can quickly remedy this by using toothpaste. You can do this by using a brush with a dollop of white and non-gel toothpaste and scrubbing down the headlights, rinsing them water, and patting them dry using a clean cloth.

Additionally, the toothpaste can help you clean vinyl and leather interiors. Just make sure you clean up after the excess dirt up first, then dab on non-gel white toothpaste on stains, wipe it off using a damp cloth.

Clean Out Air Ducts

Many car owners neglect their vehicle’s air ducts, leading to an unpleasant odor consuming your car over time. To get your car back to smelling like when you first got it, use a can of compressed air to clean the vents out alongside a vacuum with a brush to eliminate any loose particles dislodged with the canned air. A simple can of compressed air can make this possible by dislodging the contaminants and other sediment build-ups in your air ducts. The vacuum then pulls these particles out of the duct system, leaving clean ductwork, allowing smoother and cleaner airflow.

A Spray Bottle and Squeegee for a Cleaner Car

Having strands of hair, whether from humans or pets, can be annoying when they spread around your car, especially when they get trapped in the fibers. Fortunately, using a spray bottle filled with cold water and a squeegee can help you clean carpets and seats, lifting the hair into a clump so that you can remove it with ease.

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Hair Conditioner on Water Spots

Waxing your cars following the traditional way can take hours and is generally exhausting, leaving you buffing and shining the vehicle repeatedly. Fortunately, a cost-effective and efficient alternative to this is using a hair conditioner to remove existing water spots. Plus, you can apply it right after you’ve washed the car, giving it the same shine you’d get when following the traditional method.

Clear Nail Polish for Repairing Windshield Cracks

If you have any cracks on your car’s windshield, to prevent it from getting bigger or worse, many experts suggest putting some clear nail polish on the affected areas as soon as you notice these smaller fractures. It can fill in the nooks and crannies of small windshield chips and cracks, sealing it and protecting it from the cold and other elements causing further damages. However, for larger cracks, it’s best to have them professionally repaired or replaced.

Soda Water

Combining soda water with alcohol gives you a powerful cleaning agent that can disinfect the interior and exterior of your vehicle without leaving any unsightly streaks on its surfaces, as some conventional cleaners do. Meanwhile, mixing soda water and vinegar can help clean your car’s upholstery and carpet. It’s a cost-effective product that ensures your vehicle stays in top-notch conditions.

Washing Soda to Get Fabric Seats Clean

Baking soda is a universal product that can keep any house clean, from deodorizing cat litter to efficiently cleaning grout—it’s an efficient way of keeping things in pristine condition. However, did you know that its counterpart, washing soda, can help you clean your fabric car seats? Washing soda is a white, odorless powder that consists of sodium carbonate, helping you clean your fabric car seats with ease.

Sometimes a trip to the auto repair shop or car wash can’t fit your hectic schedule, or it can be too expensive. Fortunately, there are several and unusual ways you can maintain your vehicle and help it look, function, and even smell brand new. The tips mentioned are some of the best ones, helping you make your car look like a professional took care of it.

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