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Standing Against Nature: Protecting Your Home From The Elements

Your home shelters you from the wrath of the elements, whether it is the heat of the sun or the cold winter wind. But while your house is challenging, there are limits to its durability. Constant exposure to the harsh environment wears it down and results in damage. To better protect your home, you should take action to shield your house in different ways. Here are some home improvement projects that will be a big help.

Apply Coating To Your Exterior Locations

One of the more common ways to protect from the elements is the use of coatings. In the past, people used simple paints to provide a form of waterproofing to various structures. Modern technology updates that by allowing people to use better coatings that can are a lot more effective than simple paint. For example, deck waterproofing coating over plywood can ensure that your deck can have double or even triple its normal lifespans compared to leaving it alone.

The most common purpose for coating is to waterproof surfaces. Water is more damaging to a house because it can seep into the various cracks and small spaces. This can lead to damage and rot. But water is not your only worry. It would be best if you thought about the effect of UV rays on your house. The exterior walls of your house face those UV rays daily, and they can break down even the toughest of materials. Wood is especially vulnerable. Anti-UV coating is the best option you have to provide additional protection to your home.

Install Some House Wrap

Besides painting on the waterproof coating on your house exterior, you should also consider installing house wrap. Technically, installation of house wraps happens during construction, but it is possible to apply them afterward as a nice upgrade. House wraps come in a variety of forms ranging from paper to board types, and they sheathe the wall so that water won’t directly enter the wall cavity. They are water-resistant and can still allow for water to pass through. But they can stop a lot of the water so your wall cavity won’t be flooded. For house wrap installation, you should seriously consider having a professional do it. The entire process is very time-consuming and needs to be as secure as possible. Getting the assistance of contractors ensures that no leaks happen and it is done properly.

Don’t Forget The Drive Way

Concrete is just as susceptible to damage from the elements. Water can seep into the porous material and start cracks. Additionally, the material expands in the heat and contracts in the cold. This can lead to even more damage. If you have a concrete driveway, this is where the damage is most noticeable. To avoid the concrete from crumbling, you should apply a sealant to it before any harsh weather changes. There are commercial sealants available, and you can apply them on your own. A single afternoon should allow you to protect your driveway for several months.

Add Some Cladding

If you want your exterior walls to get some additional protection, then installing exterior cladding can be a big help. It technically provides a shield over your actual wall so that it absorbs all of the damage. Cladding can come in a variety of materials. Metal cladding might seem extreme, but it is solid protection against any weather condition.

Installing cladding is not easy. For one, you’ll want to make sure that it fits your current walls properly. It also involves several layers of protection. First comes the sheathing, then the house wrap. The final layer of cladding provides the last layer of protection. With all these layers, repairs are a matter of taking off the outermost layer and installing a new one.

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Apply Some Roof Coating

Your roof needs some attention, too. It receives the direct assault of UV rays from the sun so you will need to apply a coating to it. No matter what material you use for it, a layer of protection can be worth it. The most effective type of coating is a silicone coating. The silicone base is very durable and erodes very slowly to expect years of protection from it. However, it does get dirty very quickly. You’ll want to clean your roof regularly if you want to maintain its reflectivity.

Protecting your home against the elements is a good investment. With the right protection, your house should be able to last longer without needing repairs. Additionally, the damage you have to fix is usually greatly reduced from what you would typically have to deal with. That is a lot of value from these simple home improvements.

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