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Things to Bring for You Next Road Trip

You probably already have an entire bag of snacks because you’re a dude, and you got a dude’s appetite. You’ve likely packed two sets of clothing because that’s all you really need even if you will be on the road for two weeks. Maybe you have already informed your girlfriend about your plans. And you adequately explained why she’s not invited. You want an adventure all to yourself. And she understood.

Now it’s time to add more stuff to what you have already prepared. The things in this list will make your adventure more hassle-proof. Also, more enjoyable. So do not miss any of them, or you might suffer the consequences. Here we go.

Portable Car Fridge

You’re a dude. You like drinking cold beer. And when you’ve had enough cold beer, you like drinking cold water so you can pee all the beer that you had and make room for more cold beer. It’s a never-ending cycle, and you like it that way.

For your road trip, have a portable car fridge to keep your beer cold. Think of stopping by the Grand Canyon with a cold beer in hand. A lukewarm beer will surely ruin the moment.

Travel Day Bag

You drop by a city, and you have an entire afternoon to explore. You need a travel day bag for your wallet, gadgets, and hydration supplies. You have many options here. You can go for a basic knapsack. Or maybe a string bag. But why not go out of your comfort zone and carry a tote bag instead?

If you’ve never had a tote bag strapped to your shoulder before, you’ve been missing out. Trust us. It will make you feel invincible. It’s like having the world under your armpit. And your buddies back home don’t need to know unless you took a picture.

Polaroid Camera

Speaking of taking pictures, do not be one of those guys who whip up a smartphone in front of the 16th wonder of the world. The 16th wonder of the world deserves more respect than that. So have a polaroid camera with you.

There are lots of cool options to choose from. Just make sure you pick one that’s small enough to insert into your tote bag.

Do not forget to shop for photo paper. Limit yourself to a specific number. That way, each photo you take counts.


Just because you’re a dude does not mean your lips are immune to chapping. You will be driving through different temperatures. The inside of your car will have its own air conditioning system. Sometimes you will be rolling down your windows to appreciate the scenery. In no time your lips will look like the roads trudged upon by early settlers.

Mitigate the problem with a simple solution: ChapStick. The spearmint flavor’s what we recommend.


You will be behind the wheels for hours on end. You will be snacking on chips you purchased before departure and burritos bought from roadside food joints. Do not let all those surplus calories deposit in your abdominal area. Bring a kettlebell or two.

Every day before you get back to driving, do some kettlebell workout. You worked hard enough for those abdominal muscles to show up to let them disappear just because you are trying to look for yourself on the road.

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A Journal

Confront the feels. It does not make you less of a man. Bring a journal to document every realization you realize. Who knows, there might be a sensitive poet in you hiding beneath all that muscle and testosterone? Your girlfriend won’t mind. In fact, most girls appreciate the written word. Show your journal to your girlfriend once you’re back home. If she laughs, it’s over.

Once you have collected all those items, it’s time to get your car checked. Even if you live by the ancient adage #YOLO, you cannot afford to neglect this basic road trip rule– you must take your car to the mechanic before hitting the road. That’s not only for your safety but for the safety of other people on the road with you.

Now, if your car’s in tiptop shape, ready to go, make sure you’re well-rested the night before the day of your departure. It might be best to skip your own goodbye party thrown by your squad. Anyways, you’ll be back soon enough—no need to make too much fuss about the whole thing. Also, you don’t want to nod off behind the wheel because you’re sleep-deprived and still legally impaired. Keep safe, bud!

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