Frogscaping: Building a Frog-Friendly Pond in Your Backyard

Landscaping yards and lawns are the hot new activity for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners nowadays. Backyard pergolas, patios, and garden beds are now built regularly amongst neighborhoods. However, those options aren’t enough for some homeowners.

An increasing number of DIY enthusiasts are devising new projects that aim to mirror the great outdoors in their yard. After all, the backyard is the door to the wilderness. If you’re one of the select few interested in spicing up your surroundings with nature, look no further than frogscaping.

Frogscaping is like any other landscaping project that aims to elevate your house’s aesthetics, with one huge difference—the construction of a hand-built frog-friendly environment.

Really? Frogs?

Well, why not frogs? Inviting adorable amphibians to your backyard is a surefire way to:

Add noise. No, not irritating industrial noise that grates your ears. I’m talking about noises from nature that breathe life into your yard. After all, nature is inherently noisy. Hence, it would be best if you naturally introduced croaks and chirps to show that your yard is alive and healthy.

Reduce pesky insects and pests. Frogs eat nasty bugs we don’t want near our family or us. What better way to remove the threat of dengue or malaria by killing off mosquitos with frogs? It’s that simple. Plus, frogs also eat beetles, snails, slugs, grasshoppers that can tarnish your garden’s flora, removing the need for chemical-based pesticides.

The Case of the Disappearing Frogs

Frogs and toads are experiencing rapid decline worldwide through drastic changes to their environment. Widespread urbanization, climate change, diseases, and increased exposure to chemicals are just some of the reasons why frogs and toads are declining rapidly. In addition to that, predators that naturally prey on frogs are introduced by urban expansion. It’s about time we help our amphibian friends.

We can customize landscape features that will entice frogs and toads to our home through landscape design services. Once you have a readily available pond in your yard, consider the recommendations below to create a more welcoming home for frogs.

Frogscaping: The Art of Creating a Frog-Friendly Yard

An Organic Environment Makes Frogs Healthy

Amphibians have thin, permeable skin used to absorb moisture from the environment, making them extremely sensitive to chemicals. Keep pesticides, herbicides, and all pollutants away as all are harmful to frogs and toads. Start using frog-friendly fertilizers and pesticides such as natural composts, organic mulches, neem, or others safe for amphibians.

Another landscaping feature amphibians love is ponds. That’s why an organic, healthy, and nearby water source is crucial to attracting frogs. Amphibians prefer moist areas with a shallow (not too deep) water source they can soak in. If your pond is too deep, consider digging up a narrow hole or adding a small saucer to make a simple watering hole. Furthermore, frogs prefer still-water. That’s why you should refrain from using pumps or other tools that can disturb frogs.


A Convenient Shade Keeps Frogs Cool

Amphibians are nocturnal animals that are particularly sensitive to the sun because of their thin permeable skin. Frogs prefer shaded areas rather than receive harsh sunlight that can actually hurt them. To make your yard frog-friendly:

  • Plant ferns, shrubs, and other plants that cast sufficient shade.
  • Build wooden structures that act as a roof for frogs. Or;
  • Add a terracotta pot or a small cave built from stacked stones.

A Concealed Frog Is a Happy Frog

Frogs and toads prefer to be undisturbed throughout their stay in your yard. They camouflage by blending in thick foliage and dimly lit areas of the pond. To not scare away any potential amphibian friends, consider positioning your pond away from children and pets. Arranging your yard’s landscaping to provide proper isolation for frogs yet accessible enough for you to fix any mishaps is perfect frogscaping.

Plus, you can up the ante by installing a toad abode that amphibians will love. Toad abodes aren’t just adorable garden decoration; they’re also a readily available home for frogs and toads. Simply place your toad abode in a damp shady area near your pond, and you’re set.

The results of your frogscaping will take a couple of months or more. Remember, don’t gather frogs from foreign areas for the sole purpose of relocating them to your frog-friendly yard. Those amphibians already chose where they want to live. Removing them from their home is a bad idea. Furthermore, introducing non-native species may disrupt the local ecosystem.

In essence, frogscaping is a complex project that’s both tough and time-consuming. After all, you’re literally trying to attract a species to your yard. However, through patience and hard work, your yard will be livelier than ever.

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