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The Family Handyman: Incredible DIY Home Projects To Try

Although most people consider ‘arts and crafts’ to be a female-centric activity, there are plenty of DIY activities that the male demographic will find appealing and worth their time. These are a fantastic way of helping men become more ‘handy’ and creative around their homes, allowing them to develop the ‘can-do mindset,’ encouraging them to believe they can accomplish anything they set their minds on.

With that in mind, the following DIY home projects are rugged and ‘manly’ projects that men will surely appreciate.

Spruce Up Porch Floors

Sprucing up your porch floors is a great activity that brings you outdoors and helps you add ‘curb appeal’ to your home. Ditch the discolored concrete design and place a couple of slate tiles to make your front porch more modern and appealing while withstanding different elements like heavy foot traffic, mud, rain, and more.

While you’re at it, it’s best to build a custom floor scale to help you weigh the tiles and see if your porch’s subfloor can handle the tiles’ weight. You can use this scale for other purposes in the future too, so it’s a handy thing to have around in the house or work area.

Fire Bowls

No man on this earth doesn’t love fire. From grilling to smoking on fireplaces and firepits—nobody can resist a good cookout. If you’re looking to add more appeal to your home while having access to fire for cookouts, creating a ‘fire bowl’ is a great way to do just that. Plus, they’d look great in creating an attractive lining in your driveways or pool. You can do this using 30 pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, pea pebbles, and a paver base. Assemble these and add a couple of tinder, like wood shavings or cotton on the pea pebbles, start a fire and start roasting some marshmallows or barbecue.

DIY Coffee Station

Most people can’t function throughout the day without having their favorite cup of joe, and having mismatched mugs in your kitchen cabinets or drawers isn’t the best way to start your day. Consolidate your collection by keeping your morning ‘pick me up’ accessories in a single place by creating a DIY coffee station. You can do this project using left-over pallets, sand them and spray with lacquer. After conditioning the wood, put the pieces together and ensure the shelf is at a 90-degree angle to keep the shelf contents safe.

You can add a couple of mug hooks under your coffee station, and you can find these at any hardware store near you.


Building more storage doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive. However, it’s crucial to secure your shelves before you use them. So, when tackling storage-related DIY projects like bookshelves or cabinets, ensure they’re level and mounted to studs in the wall. After all, books and other trinkets you’re likely to display in these will be heavy.

Pallet Planter

outdoor patio

If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, there’s no better way than adding some greenery—and you can accompany your chosen plants with a pallet planter. It’s a relatively easy project that you can create using left-over wooden pallets, adding some color and vibrancy to your home. You can add traditional decorative plants in this or switch for herbs and a couple of vegetables, giving you access to fresh produce without leaving your home.

Entryway Organizer

If you’ve got some wall space at your main door entrance or the backdoor of your home, don’t let mail and keys clutter these areas up any longer by creating a wall-mounted entryway organizer. You can do this by attaching hooks and a couple of small pre-made shelves to some scrap wood.

Garage Shelves

If you’ve noticed your garage getting so cluttered that you can’t even see the floors anymore, creating simple DIY shelves for your garage is ideal. This project is perfect for removing the mess once and for all. You can do this by attaching frames to a wall and connect them using cleats in between and add a couple of plywood sheets between them—creating lined shelves.

Resurface the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace at home, one of the easiest DIY home projects you can do is resurfacing your fireplace, helping you ultimately ‘transform’ a room. So, if you’re over your old brick fireplace, you can smoothen out its rough surfaces with a mortar and give it a new look by replacing them with modern tiles.

Sometimes, you just need to make things, get your hands dirty, and bring out those tools you’ve had in the basement for years and build something in the convenience of your home. However, to ensure your DIY project goes smoothly, you don’t want something impossibly challenging to accomplish. It’s best to go for ‘doable’ projects like those mentioned to make the most out of your time—creating something that is functional and looks cool.

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