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Here’s How You Can Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel doesn’t always have to be grand. A common misconception is that the more lavish the renovation, the better. But that isn’t the case. Not only will it cost you an unnecessary amount of money. It also has a lower return on investment. If you take a look at last year’s cost vs. value report, you’ll see that a minor kitchen remodel has an ROI of 77.6%. A midrange major kitchen remodel has an ROI of only 58.6%. An upscale kitchen remodel is even worse, with an ROI of only 53.9%. But if your goal isn’t to sell your house but to make yourself happy. Feel free to remodel your kitchen in any way you like. But if you’re on a tight budget, here are six things to keep in mind when doing your remodel:

Know what you can DIY and what you can’t.

The greatest advice you’ll need to take note of during any renovation is knowing what you can do yourself and which will require a professional’s help. Let’s face it, no matter how experienced you think you are at DIYs. There are just some things you’ll need a professional to do. This is especially true if you want it done faster and done well. The main problem with some DIY-ers is that because they want to see the finished outcome so bad. They tend to rush some projects even if the task is out of their abilities.

This can be a problem because the result won’t only look rushed. It can be a safety problem that you’ll have to worry about time and time again. You’d wish you got a professional to do it in the first place. Be honest with yourself and assess whether you should DIY a particular task. Or if you should get a professional to do it.

Clean or repair instead of buying new appliances.

Suppose you have appliances that are still working but need some cleaning or repairs. It would be much better and cheaper for you to get them cleaned or repaired, instead of buying new appliances. Take your oven, for example. A new oven can cost anywhere between $400 to $2,000. When you can get a professional oven cleaning or repairs for only a sixth of that price, why spend hundreds on new appliances if your appliances are still working? You could spend that extra cash on other parts of the kitchen, such as a new counter.

Refresh your cabinets.

Suppose your cabinets are still in good condition. Instead of replacing them, why not give them a fresh coat of paint? Retouching their paint can make them look good as new. You can also add doors to any open shelving to make it look more modern. If you’re repainting your cabinets, why not try experimenting with bolder colours? Go for a sleek gray colour or a deep matte blue or green shade. White is a classic, but it can also make your kitchen look flat and dull.

a well-lit kitchen

Get better lighting.

Great lighting is vital in the kitchen. The more lights you have, the better. LED lights are by far the best lighting option you can get. Fluorescent and incandescent lights are more expensive. They are not as durable, and they use up more energy than LED lights. When it comes to lighting fixtures, pick one out of resale shops. You will find that there are plenty of attractive light fixtures at resale shops. And they sell for pretty affordable prices.

Don’t change the layout too much.

If you can avoid changing the layout of your appliances, especially the plumbing, prevent it. Changing the design of your appliances make kitchen remodels pricey. It can cost up to $800 per machine. So it’s best to leave the layout of your kitchen as is.

Choose the right material for your countertops.

Deciding what material to use for your countertops might be one of the most critical tasks. There are plenty of materials to choose from. Ceramic, granite, and cultured marble being some of the cheapest. But since the countertops are what make the most significant difference to your kitchen. You can choose to splurge more here and spend less on other elements.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which project parts you want to spend on as long as you’ve got a budget. And your kitchen remodel fits that project. All you need to do is plan out how you’re going to remodel your kitchen based on that.

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