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Space-saving Techniques for Your Home

Every strong structure has a sturdy frame supporting it. Look no further than a dune buggy. It is a vehicle that you can describe as having fewer panels than your usual four-wheeled steed. It is used to race in a sandy environment. Since the surface is ever-shifting, there is always a good chance that you will have the vehicle tumble. This is where you see its frame at work.

It is designed to protect the driver and the passenger despite it having an open top. Bending the thick steel bars that form the body is an almost impossible task. For a door, you can install a metal door jamb if you want a frame that is similar in strength. This will survive even the loudest of slams.

Door jambs usually stick out on either or both sides of the door. If you are obsessed about maximizing space, you can have that designed to be flush against the wall. If that satisfies your craving for space efficiency, there are other techniques you can try:

Sliding Rails

Most doors and windows are fitted with hinges, and these allow them to swing open. You have to consider how much area this movement covers, and you have to make sure that there are no objects that will block this path. While this may not be a huge concern for some, for those who are keen on details, this is practically useless space. Although the footprint may be small, you can still use it as a place to put a slender object such as a coat hanger.

A great way to maximize the space near your doors or windows is to drop the hinges and have them run along a rail. Instead of a panel pivoting and occupying floor space in the process, the mechanism will allow movement that is parallel to the wall. With this installed, you do not have to worry about stepping back or pushing something away upon entry.

Rollable Mechanisms

Aside from using hinges and sliding rails for your doors, you can also use a rollable mechanism to save space. This is used more on larger entrances such as your garage gate. This is made of segmented bars, and this can be rolled into a compact cylinder shape. The mechanism itself is usually installed at the top, rolling down until it touches the ground if you want to close up the garage.


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These days, some condos or apartments have smaller living spaces. These are units made to be affordable options for those who want to have a place of their own. There are furniture such as beds and tables that feature a large and flat surface, and you could only wish to have more floor area to walk on. You can maximize your space by doing a few modifications. You can have your larger furniture be converted into something foldable. This will remove your ability to move them around since you have minimal space that would not matter.

What you need is a Murphy bed. This is a bed that you can fold back into your wall. Your floor space can now be used as a seating area for visitors or for working out. For a similar but less permanent fixture, there are beds that can be folded into couches. This retains some space-saving features, and, at the same time, you have the ability to move it around.

For some, they want to squeeze out as much value as they can from their properties. That value comes in the form of floor space. If you can use every inch, then consider your money well spent.

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