Men on the Go: How to Take Care of Yourself When You Are Backpacking

To have a successful journey as a backpacker, you have to set a routine that you follow to a T. Sure, the idea behind backpacking is to do things spontaneously, but that will be chaotic. Backpackers need a plan, too. While some studies said that men need the companionship of women more than women need men, that shouldn’t stop men from enjoying a solo trip across the world. So, how do they take care of themselves when they are on this journey?

Slowing Down

Men can surely take a leaf out of women’s handbook in the way they travel. Sure, women tend to be set in their ways when it comes to the itinerary—who wants to see the Venice canal packed with tourists? Men are always on the go. They simply want to move and accomplish as many things as possible. That causes them to miss out on a lot of things. Men who love to travel have to learn to take care of themselves.

Slowing down takes a lot of effort. Seeing the world and slowing down is even more difficult. With limited time, men want to see as much as they can. This doesn’t allow them to save each moment. This doesn’t let them slow down for a bit to relish in the sights that they see. Backpacking is all about seeing the wonders of the world one country at a time.

Taking Care of Your Health

Remember the triad of health: physical, mental, and dental. How physically fit are you? When was the last time you got checked up by your doctor? Eating right. Exercising. These are the two most important things you should do for your physical and mental health. These are the essentials if you want to go around the world.

man running/exercising

Aside from that, you need to visit your dentist before you go on another backpacking trip. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to suffer from tooth problems while they are on the road or in the middle of a great itinerary. Sure, you’ll see a general dentist anywhere, but special cases such as the maintenance of misaligned teeth will require an orthodontist. You cannot imagine how hard it is to look for one when you’re backpacking throughout China. The language barrier will be your biggest problem.

Balancing Finances

Life is a great balancing act. You need to find that perfect balance between spending and saving. Which things on your travel should you spend on? How much can you save by staying in a three-star hotel? Can you stay in a hostel instead as this is cheaper?

Men aren’t exactly the best at balancing finances, but they have to learn that when they are on the road. If they are going to trapeze around the world, they need to find something they can do to earn—whether it’s waiting tables or writing content on the internet. They can also go into construction, offering their services to locals who need help in renovating their homes, or fixing the plumbing.

Studies suggest that women are better with money than men. The study showed that although men can save more than women if they want, women know how to manage their finances better. On the road, men have to do the budgeting, pay the bills, save enough money for emergencies, and continue with their journey.

It’s an exciting thing to do—backpack and travel around the world. Seeing as many sights as you can is something everyone—men and women alike—want to experience in their lives. And yet, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You cannot leave what life you’ve known and jump from one flight to another. And more than that, men who do so have to learn to take care of themselves.

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