Bringing Your Parents Home: Space-saving Home Additions for Your Aging Mom and Dad

One of the safest places for a senior to stay during the pandemic is at their house. But when one is already admitted in a nursing home, this becomes a challenge. For those with adult kids, they have the option to take their aging parents home with them. But one needs to consider all the important factors before bringing them home. After considering all the important factors, your biggest concern now is creating a space for them that can suit their needs.

What Are Your Space-sharing Options?

For those who have extra space in their property, you have the option to build them their own accessory dwelling unit. This is usually a small cottage complete with a private entrance, a bath, a small kitchen, and their bedroom. This is a good option if your parents want as much privacy and independence while still being close to your home.

If you have a guest room, you can transform this into their own studio. You may need to remodel the adjacent bathroom, but they get to stay inside the house and will not require constructing a new building. You may need to transform the bathroom and other areas of the house to make it more senior-friendly.

If you have a multi-family home like a duplex or triplex, you can start to share spaces with your aging loved one. With major rooms like the kitchen and bathroom already in place, you can transform your duplex into a single-family home. This takes a long time to construct but you no longer need to worry about zoning rules.


What Are the Things You Need to Consider?

There are a lot of considerations when bring home your aging parents. For one, if they have special needs, you need to take these into considerations. Their comfort and convenience matter especially when they now have limited mobility.

The good news is, there are now available solutions specifically made for aged care. A hoisting machine, for instance, will make it easier for the main caregivers to move your parent easily and safely. You can have the right system installed in your room after choosing from the numerous hoist options available.

For aging loved ones who now use a wheelchair or crane, it helps to widen narrow hallways and to add grab bars to help them safely navigate the house. Grab bars are especially important in the bathroom and other wet areas. Remove unnecessary clutter that can lead to trips and falls.

For those who opt to share their living space with their aging parents, it is a good idea to divide the house while still maintaining easy access. Sliding doors help divide the space as needed. This helps gives them more privacy while you get to enjoy your private space as needed.

If you work from home and your aging parents reside inside the house, you have the option to build a home office right in your backyard. This gives you a private area where you can focus on your work and rest whenever you need to unwind. This will also help your parents enjoy a more comfortable stay knowing they get to spend quality time with you without affecting your work.

Last but definitely not the least, you need to observe extra precautions if anyone in the household still works or studies outside of the house. The main reason you brought your aging parents home is to better safeguard them from the virus. Take health and safety precautions seriously as seniors are among the high-risk populations mid-pandemic.

Bringing your aging parent home during the coronavirus crisis is no easy decision to make. There are lots of considerations one needs to think about before taking them home. Know your options well, weigh in the perks and drawbacks, and list down every factor before making the decision. If you are committed to keeping them at home, think about their health, safety, and comfort.

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