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IV Therapy: The Fast and Convenient Way to Achieve Optimum Health and Fitness

When you hear the word “IV”, the first thing that is likely to come into your mind is hospital rooms filled with patients with their arms connected to a transparent liquid container with a long, thin tube. Used in medical settings, intravenous (IV) therapy has been a traditional method to aid various health conditions, such as dehydration and nutrient deficiency issues. But in the past few years, the usage of IV therapy has gone beyond medical settings.

Today, there is no need to get admitted to a hospital for an IV dose. From an IV spa to a wellness center, and even at home, people can get their IV drips even if they are perfectly well. It has become a fast and convenient option for people who want to achieve clear skin, a healthy immune system, hangover relief, and optimum athletic performance.

While the method has existed for many years, IV therapy is the newest health and wellness craze among Hollywood celebrities, athletes, urban employees, or any average person. So if you want to jump into this latest health trend, read this article before you have those nutrients climbing up your nerves. Here is a brief discussion on the wonders behind IV therapy.

What is IV therapy?

IV is a short-hand term for “intravenous”, meaning “inside the vein”. It refers to the method of giving a patient substances through a long, thin tube called a cannula. IV therapy is a form of medical treatment used for centuries to deliver nutrients and fluids into the vein. In the medical world, this method is the fastest way for fluids and medication to enter the body by traveling in the bloodstream. As nutrients combine with blood circulation, the body can use them up almost immediately.

One disadvantage of taking medications by mouth is that the patient rarely receives all the benefits. For example, there may be times when the gut cannot process all nutrients, or the body has a low tolerance for taking high mineral and vitamin dosages, making absorption difficult. The role of IV therapy is to prevent this issue by providing patients all the nutrients they need, resulting in 100% guaranteed treatment and benefits.

A patient receives an IV therapy through a bag of fluid connected through an intravenous line, a thin tube inserted into the veins. Healthcare providers administer the fluid for plenty of reasons. One of them is to control the nutrients given. Without proper control, gravity alone will regulate fluid administration, resulting in receiving either too little or too much liquid.

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What are the benefits of IV therapy?

If you are planning to get regular doses of IV therapy, it is important to know the benefits you will reap from it. Aside from nutrient and dehydration solutions, IV therapy comes with plenty of benefits.

  • Increased wellness. Wellness is not just about caring for physical health, but also involves mental wellness as well. The body requires a certain level of minerals and vitamins to function well, but the extraneous demands of everyday life make it tough to achieve them. The goal of IV vitamin treatment is to deliver nutrients all over the body and to absorb them immediately. If you want to improve your wellness game, include nutrients such as Vitamin A for the heart, muscle, skin, brain, and immunity. There’s also L-Carnitine with enhancing effects for memory and mood.
  • Enhanced beauty. Unlike oral medications, IV therapy provides antioxidants directly to the veins to cleanse cells, prevent tissue damage and aging, decrease wrinkles, and strengthen nails and hair.
  • Athletic recovery. Whether you’re an amateur or professional fitness buff, any type of workout will exhaust your body. IV therapy can wipe the fatigue away by helping restore the body with nutrients and recover at a faster rate.
  • Hangover relief. If drinking parties bring you an extreme hangover, IV therapy will help minimize headaches, muscle aches, or any type of discomfort by providing a saline solution for pain relief, and hydration.

What should I expect during the IV therapy session?

Before an IV therapy, it is better to consult a doctor to determine the best IV treatment, including the rate and amount of delivery.

For the procedure, you will have to sit in a comfortable position for the entire duration of the IV therapy. A nurse will disinfect the skin or the injection site and locate the vein to insert the IV catheter. It may sting a little when the needle goes in, but the entire process should be painless.

If IV treatment sounds good for you, look for trusted care centers offering IV solutions fit for your health and wellness needs. For those who care about their daily body function, consult a doctor to identify the best IV infusion therapy that works for your body.

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