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Improve Your Smile and Appearance Thanks to The Advancements of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, the dentist was compared to a “butcher”, and with good reason. Before the introduction of anaesthetics and modern equipment, having a rotten or decaying tooth extracted, for example, was bloody and painful.

The advancements in dentistry and its availability to the masses has led to more people consulting with dental professionals. Not only for medical emergencies but also to improve their appearance by fixing superficial problems. Being stuck with what you are born with is no longer necessary now with the enormity of cosmetic dentistry procedures available.

Have you got crooked teeth? Braces will correct the misalignment in months. Has coffee stained your teeth? That’s nothing teeth whitening can’t fix. Embarrassed by a chipped enamel? A straightforward procedure covers that up for you.

So many options from which to choose

Now we are facing a different issue altogether – a market flooded with all types of treatments to help you achieve that perfect smile.

If you face dental issues that impact your confidence, your first step in finding a solution suitable for you is consulting your local dentist, learning their risks, advantages and costs.

Whitening: achieve that white Colgate smile

Years of smoking and drinking coffee are bound to leave their impact in the forms of stains and an overall discolouration of your teeth.

Reverse the damage with teeth whitening. How does it work? One of two ways, either with a couple of sessions with your dental hygienist or at home using a DIY which takes longer to complete. Both procedures see you inserting bleach into your teeth by way of an aligner tray that is placed into your mouth.

Reshaping and contouring your enamel

Do you live with chips in your tooth or rough edges that cut your tongue?

Enamel is the outer shell of your appearance that protects what is on the inside. Smoothing out the edges using fine and delicate movements are known as enamel reshaping and can help chisel a tooth to resemble the shape of its neighbouring teeth.

Benefits of porcelain veneers

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If you are looking to fix chipped teeth, you should also consider getting veneers. These thin and natural looking shells are attached to the surface of the tooth, working to re-shape it.

However, re-shaping is not all that a veneer does, but also changes the colour of a tooth, ridding it of stains, spots and like teeth whitening, reverses and hides discolouration.

Straightening your teeth naturally with braces

Crooked teeth and overbites can be corrected with braces. Your orthodontist will apply metal tracks to the enamel of your teeth with wires interwoven between, the purpose of which is to reposition them over time.

Replacing missing teeth: dentures and implants

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums, usually removable, custom designed to fit your mouth. They are either full or partial, meaning they can replace all missing teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, or just fill one or two absent teeth.

While dentures are moulded to sit comfortably as you wear them, their removable nature has disadvantages, and with the introduction of dental implants, are not as popular a choice as they once were.

Dental implants replace teeth at the root, the purpose of which is for surrounding tissue to embed it into the jawline, and to recognise it as part of the mouth. In short, the replacement tooth works like a natural tooth.

Whatever problems you face that affect your smile and confidence, there is a cost-effective treatment in cosmetic dentistry that matches your needs.

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