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Advantages and Disadvantages of Braces

Braces are a popular choice for people of all ages who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. For people who are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment, it’s well worth consulting with an expert dentist who can give tailored advice on whether or not it is appropriate for them on an individual basis.

Those who do decide to get this treatment should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages; so that they can have realistic expectations of what it involves.

Can be used for the most complex cases

Some people have several issues regarding their teeth and the gums and jaw surrounding them. Braces can be tailored to correct many different problems at the same time. This means that one course of treatment can fix a lot: and for many patients, this makes braces really worthwhile.

Braces can be extremely effective

Braces have greater power to move the teeth into a desirable position than treatments like Invisalign. This means they can be much more effective in terms of the result that can be achieved. Many patients have found that orthodontic treatment allows them to have the smile they have always wished for.

A variety of options

There are lots of different kinds of braces available; which means that the dentist can help the patient to choose the one that is right for them. There are lingual and ceramic braces, and these will be chosen on an individual basis. Many types of this kind of hardware are much less noticeable than the braces of old; so it’s possible to get one that is very inconspicuous if that is something the patient is worried about.

Faster results

People who are thinking of making a choice between braces and Invisalign should know that braces can often involve less time for the treatment process. This is because the physical nature of braces makes them more effective in a shorter period. A really good orthodontist will work closely with the patient to ensure the treatment is completed in the fastest possible period with the best results.

The look

Woman showing her braces

The appearance of braces can put some people off getting orthodontic treatment. This can be especially true for adult patients, who may find that the metal look has an impact on their confidence and interactions with others.

Keeping clean

Keeping the teeth clean can be a little trickier when wearing braces. Patients are required to follow a strict routine in order to keep the teeth, gums and in between the teeth and braces scrupulously clean. If this is not followed, the patient is much more likely to suffer from decay and its associated issues.

Eating and drinking

People who wear braces have to exercise a bit more care with regard to eating and drinking. Some foods and drinks should be avoided altogether, and it’s important to keep things like fizzy drinks, curries and so on to a minimum to avoid staining.

For people who are prepared to make a commitment to getting their teeth fixed with braces, the results are usually well worth any downsides during treatment.

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