Ideas for a Sunny Backyard: From Pergolas to Greenhouses

Imagine this: you’re on your third date and going out seems lackluster, so you decide to take your date home instead. You want to impress them, but your dining area isn’t enough. So you decide that a fancy backyard date is perfect—sunlit pergolas next to a blooming garden would impress them more than any restaurant could offer.

Well, you can stop imagining because that backyard could be yours. All you need is patience, materials, equipment, and a lot of elbow grease. Get your bandsaw and hammer ready, let’s MacGyver your backyard into a place anyone would love.

Tread to your backyard with style

Installing walkways not only accentuates your whole garden but it also keeps you and your guests from tracking mud all over the place. Here are some ideas to help your walkway project:

  • Install brick walkways for that classic look everyone loves to see.
  • Use leftover wood to build a classic pallet walkway. Pallet wood adds a homely flair to your walkway for cheap.
  • Ready for a challenge? Use mosaic pebbles to show off your artistic skills and handiwork.

Add life to your backyard with garden beds

Garden beds provide luscious green contrasts to an otherwise dull-looking backyard. There are numerous ways to add garden beds to your backyard. You can:

  • Build raised garden beds to accentuate your garden better.
  • Plant tall flowers to add pops of color and foliage.
  • Place blooming flowers on the ground near your walkways.

A great tool to help your garden grow better are plastic sheets. Plastic sheets are a durable, versatile, and cheap tool that all DIY gardeners need to use. You can use these in various techniques such as:

  • Black plastic sheeting can warm soil in growing seasons. It can also trap CO2 to accelerate plant growth. And;
  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets can be used for shading garden beds and greenhouses.

Check out local manufacturers of plastic sheets to get your supplies to improve your DIY projects.

Control the season with a backyard greenhouse

small greenhouse

Another way to add life to your backyard is through greenhouses. With a backyard greenhouse, you can grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers all year long. Why wait for the right season to grow your favorite plants when you have your DIY greenhouse? Here are some ideas for your next greenhouse build:

  • Add an engineering flair by adding solar panels to the roof of your greenhouse. Not only can it be used to power heat inside your conservatory, it’s also light on the electric bill.
  • Use plastic sheets as covering for a dome-shaped greenhouse. All the natural light will help your plants grow healthier, plus it’s lightweight. Just remember to tie it down or use heavy bars as structures. We don’t want your greenhouse flying with a strong gust of wind.
  • Recycle old construction materials to lower your DIY greenhouse build cost and use the saved money for robust heating equipment and lights.

Lead the outdoor barbeque with a sophisticated pergola

Nothing screams fancy and sophisticated at the same time by dining outside with your friends and family in your backyard pergola.
Pergolas, which are backyard decks with four support pillars, are traditionally made from wood, but nowadays, low-maintenance pergolas can be made from PVC, fiberglass, aluminum, and other plastic products.

Some ideas for your pergola build:

  • Incorporate adjustable roof panels, built-in seats, lamps, and plant hangers to add form and function to the build.
  • Add weather-resistant canopies or side curtains to keep you and your buddies cool and under the shade throughout the summer.
  • Canopies not to your liking? Install solar panels instead!
  • Add bed swings instead of garden swings. We all know how popular garden swings are nowadays. Why not up the ante? Bed swings bring backyard dates to a whole new level. After all, who wouldn’t be impressed laying on a comfy bed under the stars?

Now, what are you waiting for? Renovate your backyard to add beauty to your home while impressing your friends and family. Remember, nothing’s more relaxing than reading your favorite book while reveling in your handiwork at the comfort of your backyard.

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