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Worried About Natural Disasters? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Assets

There’s nothing more devastating than investing in a property and getting it wiped out in a single day. This is the truth many homeowners and business owners face when their region is struck by natural disasters. It doesn’t matter if it’s flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, or hurricanes. When your property is not equipped to survive these calamities, you’re looking into thousands of dollars of loss for your business or family.

While there’s no foolproof way to make sure that these disasters won’t leave their mark on your property, there are measures you can take to decrease the impact you’ll sustain. The next time you endeavor in property improvements, be sure to consider these five things that can protect your assets:

Consider Impact-Resistant Windows

Imagine the strong winds that come with severe storms and hurricanes. In the worst-case scenarios, the impact will be so strong that the glass will shatter. There have also been incidents where huge objects such as bicycles and garden tools smash your windows and give the strong winds access to the rest of your home. The possibilities are even more worrisome if your office is in a bustling city with construction sites nearby. Now you’re faced with the hazards of broken glass, wet floors, and short-circuit, and that’s only the beginning.

This is why it’s integral that you switch to impact-resistant windows. Consider the difference it will make when you don’t have to worry about breakage that could wreak havoc indoors. Impact-resistant windows can easily save you plenty of money by preventing your interior from getting ruined and your windows from needing replacement after the storm.

Get High-Quality Doors

You should get high-quality doors for the same reason it’s wise to install impact-resistant windows. The right materials and style provide sufficient protection from the elements. This is particularly important when there’s a fire in your home or your office building.

When shopping for fire-rated commercial office doors, don’t just look at the price and the style. Make sure to seek expert advice to find the material and style that works best for your property.  If you can get entire packages that guarantee functionality, then invest in those.

Residential fire-rated doors are also available in the market and can prevent fires and smoke from spreading. Having one can significantly improve the chances of saving lives and valuable objects.

home after disaster

Mind Your Landscaping

Your infrastructure isn’t the only part of your property that you should improve. The landscape surrounding your home or office could also pose hazards during a natural disaster, and the best way to prevent this is to make well-informed changes. Hire a landscaper and express your concerns. They’re the right people to tell you which trees, plants, and designs need altering so that they won’t be detrimental to your property during a fire, a storm, or a hurricane.

Perhaps you need that large tree removed or trimmed. Maybe the water feature you installed can create complications, so downsizing or relocating it is in your best interest.

While you’re at it, ask your landscaper which plants can cope best with natural disasters and prevent flooding in your property. There are species and placements, too, that could make your soil less prone to erosion. Taking advantage of those is a worthwhile investment.

Check Your Caulking

When was the last time you checked your caulking? If it’s been a while, then it’s important that you inspect your property right now. The holes near your pipes and around your windows and doors can lead to leaks. Moreover, caulking preserves the structural integrity of your property’s exterior. The more durable your exterior is, the better its chances of surviving high-impact incidents.

There are times when the cracks you see aren’t as straightforward as they look. It’s worth it to hire a contractor sometimes, as they know which products and applications will provide the best results.

Know Your Uplift Options

If you’re endeavoring in extensive renovations or are just building your property, ask contractors about your uplift options. Uplift refers to fastening systems that protect your property better during hurricanes. It uses galvanized steel that attaches your homes to rafters, therefore preventing them from being uprooted or suffering from severe structural compromise. The uplift options available to you will depend on your location and your infrastructure’s design.

This may be the most expensive improvement you can take on, but if there’s a serious threat of your home being dislocated during a natural disaster, you won’t regret pushing forward with this.

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