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The Many Benefits Of Sailing

Whenever people talk about sports, the first ones you think of are popular sports like basketball, baseball, and tennis. For water sports, it’s swimming, diving, and surfing. It’s rare for people to think of sailing as a sport.

Some of you may be scratching your heads at the thought of sailing being a sport, but it has been one for a long time. Sports, based on its dictionary meaning, are activities where individuals or teams are required to exert physical efforts and skills to complete with one another for entertainment. Sailing ticks all of those categories. So, besides it being a hobby, it is also a sport, and it is one of the most beneficial activities that you should know about and try for yourself.

Benefits Of Sailing

For people whose interest in sailing just started, you might think it is expensive to sail. Of course, owning a yacht could costs money, but it is an excellent investment to get your own. Once you have your own yacht or boat, then the only cost you need to think about is maintenance, but yacht repair solutions are inexpensive, anyway. You can also opt to rent a boat to see how you will feel about sailing first.

Now that getting your hands on a yacht or a sailboat is out of the way, here are some benefits of sailing you should know about:

  • Sailing is good for your physical health.

The act of pulling and hoisting the sail or the rudder to maneuver your boat is like some kind of intense training. It’s not easy to control a boat, let alone move the sail manually. It’s equivalent to working out at the gym, especially when it is extra windy, and you need to really exert extra effort in moving the sails. This act of maneuvering the boat requires a set of physical skills that can help improve your agility, building your strength and endurance.

  • Sailing is good for your mental health.

Studies show that being surrounded by the ocean could change the frequency of your brain waves which can put you in a meditative and calmer state.  It could also alleviate your anxiety and boost your mood.

Besides that, sailing would also require you to use your thinking to come up with the best strategy to win. So, it doesn’t just make you feel calm and relaxed, but if you really get into it, sailing could also give you some mental exercise which is good to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Sailing is an adventurous sport.

Being on land most of your life can be quite a monotonous and routinary experience. But with sailing, you can get a totally different perspective of life as the adventures it offers are endless. It’s unpredictable what you can discover when you’re in the middle of the sea. You can discover an uninhabited island, explore some caves, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sailing is a sport that anyone can enjoy.

Sailing doesn’t have an age limit, unlike some sports. Even if you’re young or old, as long as your health allows you to maneuver a boat, you can go sailing.

  • Sailing could be a solo or a team sport.

Sailing can be a flexible activity and sport because you can do it alone or with a team. So, if you want to have a solo or team sailing race with your friends, you can do either. You can even relax in the middle of the sea after you’ve exhausted yourselves.

  • Sailing could teach you many life skills.

Like most sports, you learn many things from sailing. First are the basic things like the boat and its maintenance, then you can also learn how to tie knots, how to maneuver the boat using the rudder, and many more. The more you sail, the more you will know and realize how many essential life skills you can get from this sport.

Go Sailing Today!

Sailing is an overlooked sport. Since the 1980s, which was its peak when around 12 million Americans went sailing, it has slowly declined in popularity. Now, only about 2.5 million Americans go sailing. But if you look at the bright side, it makes the sea more peaceful and relaxing than ever. So, go and try it for yourself while it hasn’t come back to the mainstream activities of people yet.

As Isak Dinesen said, the cure for many things that ails humanity is saltwater, including sweat, sea, and tears. Hopefully, for the last one, you’ll cry tears of joy when you discover the joys and feel the benefits of sailing.





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