Dining area near kitchen and has multiple windows

How to Maximise a Tiny Dining Area

Does the mere idea of hosting a dinner party for your family and friends is enough to make you anxious? You are not alone. You probably live in a tiny apartment, condominium or home so your dining area might be lacking in substance, function and style.

However, by making some strategic adjustments such as using the right colours and lighting, bringing in more storage as well as compact furniture like an extendable dining table in your Singapore home, you can maximise the tiny dining space to accommodate plenty of people comfortably.

Optimise Storage in Your Dining Area

If your dining area lacks storage, consider putting shelving and drawers in various ways. Aside from a buffet table on the side, opt for a dining table with drawers where you can store napkins, placemats and cutlery.

Blending is Key

If your dining space is actually a cosy nook made from a bigger space, like your living space, for instance, you can merge it with the rest of the space. Do this by simply by selecting colours and furniture that complements the surrounding design.

Opt for a round dining table that could also be used as a side table in your living room. You can even consider a collapsible or extendable dining table that you can easily tuck away when not in use instead of a bulkier full-sized one.

Go for Transparent

Transparent or see-through dining tables and chairs will blend seamlessly into the space instead of dominating it. They effectively trick the eyes into making the area appear more massive than it really is.

Maximise Seating by Optimising Corner Spaces

small dining area in the corner

Optimise your small dining space further by placing built-in benches in corner spaces. You can pair this with a narrow rectangular dining table to enable a couple of people to sit there without having to consume excessive floor space.

Experiment with Scale

Consider placing a bench with a tall back to give your dining space a huge presence despite its size and without using up more floor space. This will also make your chairs and table look smaller for an uncluttered feel and look.

Consider a Pedestal Dining Table

This is one of the most common space-saving types of tables because it could be moved around fairly straightforward and don’t come with corner legs.

Hang Up Pendant Lights

A large pendant light or a couple of small ones above your dining room table will help zone it and make it more distinct. You can even wire a dimmer switch to it to control the lighting level.

Take Advantage of Bold Colour for Definition

Yes, white and pale neutrals are great for small spaces. However, painting a vibrant and dramatic shade on just one wall will make your dining space pop and make it more visually interesting without using up any space.

As you have seen from above, you too can host a dinner party, with just a few tweaks to your dining area. Look to the ideas above to make sure that you have sufficient room for your future dinner parties.

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