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Great Office Designs for Maximum Productivity

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building an office from the ground up or just making some renovations to your current space. It’s important to focus on creating a working environment that’s functional, professional, and comfortable not only for you, but also for your employees. It’s also essential in creating a positive image towards your clients while also boosting overall productivity levels.

Several studies have shown the relationship between comfort and productivity in any workplace. Most experts suggest that for increased productivity, making a few changes in the layout and organisation of an office can make a huge difference, whether it’s a complex office staircase design or a simple corkboard for some inspiration.

If you’re thinking about giving your office a makeover, here are some ideas you can consider for increased comfort levels and productivity.

Turn meeting rooms into comfy community areas

Workers spend a huge amount of their time at work attending meetings. According to research, middle-rank managers spend around 35% of their office time engaged in long planning and meetings, while upper management spends more than half of their time there. If this is true for your company, consider getting rid of boring enclosed rooms where the staff only gets to stare at the walls and sit on the same hard chairs all the time.

Here’s a suggestion: Build comfortable community areas instead. This will also help them get more creative and be better at brainstorming ideas. Start with the seating layout, especially if meetings involve a large group of team members. Choose curved couches for a more intimate feel, making the work environment more comfortable.

Take the necessary measure to control noise levels

noise at work

One of the main causes of discomfort at work is noise. To reduce auditory distractions, prepare a separate area surrounded by walls for all the office equipment that create distracting sounds, such as copiers and fax machines.

Employees that need to constantly engage with the clients, such as salespeople and customer service representatives, should also be in a separate space away from other workers that need a quiet space to work. Look for systems that can provide privacy and absorb sounds.

Put some community boards for inspiration

A simple yet effective way to broadcast messages in a casual, laidback manner is pin-up boards. These are perfect for sharing big accomplishments or even office humor, which will definitely help everyone relax and forget about the stresses at work even for a short amount of time. Be as creative as you can with the display. Change the photos or flyers from time to time, so employees have something to look forward to, whether it’s just a simple joke or a funny picture from a previous company trip.

When workers are feeling unproductive, changing their workspaces may be the least of their priorities. Remember that happy employees are productive employees. Do your part and cater to their needs as much as you can. Try out some new layouts, designs, and office arrangements for your employees’ increased comfort and efficiency.

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