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Furniture Hunting: Finding the Right Pieces for Your Home

Have you been spending hours on Pinterest finding the right style that truly reflects who you are? Are you into bold, edgy looks? A minimalist? A lover of that classic, timeless feel? Perhaps a bohemian vibe? With all the choices available, it can be challenging to determine what category you fit in terms of style.

Personal style does not only refer to clothes. Your home is also a reflection of your taste, and a considerable part of it is your chosen furniture pieces. These bring life and color to every corner of your home. When done right, it can make the overall look of your space cohesive. However, choosing the right furniture goes beyond looking for what looks pretty. They have to be functional, of course, and able to last for several years.

Let’s be real: furniture shopping can be both an exciting and stressful experience. After all, our home is our sanctuary, and every homeowner takes pride in how their personal space looks like. It can be overwhelming, but it’s certainly doable.

While there’s no wrong way when it comes to home design, a little direction can undoubtedly help. Here are some of the most useful ideas you can take note of as you design your Insta-worthy space:

The Vibe

Start by asking yourself this question: “How do I want my space to look and feel like?” Is comfort in your living room a big deal for you? Do you have tiles the floor of your Ottowa, Ontario home? Do you want to feel energized and inspired in your kitchen? Chill and quiet in your bedroom? All these feelings correspond to specific colors, shapes, and textures. You can narrow down your choices by determining the kind of mood you want these areas to have.

Next, pick up pieces that best reflect your chosen vibe. For example, for a cozy living room, go for soft lighting, soft fabrics, and warm earth colors. If you want a sleek look, choose pieces with sharp lines and edges, especially for your sofa. Add a few accessories made of metal and marble pieces for that elevated modern look.

The Finish

The stain or finish color is an important point to consider when your chosen furniture pieces have any exposed wood. The color of the finish has a lot to do with how the pieces can be dramatically altered. For example, a traditional chair can be easily turned into a contemporary piece by painting it black from its original cherry stain. A mahogany furniture piece will instantly have a more feminine vibe when painted white.

The Construction



Furniture pieces should be heavy and solid for that sturdy feel. A solid wood construction would give you that results, so don’t go for particleboard and light aluminum frames. The standard for beautiful furniture, after all, are solid wood frames, and they have been proven to last much longer. Also, before making any purchase, test a piece for comfort. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your brand new upholstery looks like if comfort is an issue.

Picking the right furniture can be a little problematic, especially for first-time homeowners. The most important thing to take note of is that your overall space should be a reflection of who you are. While style is a factor, comfort should never be compromised.

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