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Giving Office Spaces a Masculine Vibe: What You Can Do

Designing a commercial space should be one of the priorities for those who want to make their businesses stand out from the competition. After all, the physical offices, stores, or commercial spaces are among the things people consider when looking for the best local suppliers for their needs. Even if a business operates primarily online, having a well-designed office space is still a good way to do business. It helps improve productivity, relaxes the mind, and boosts morale.

Women are often the most meticulous about their office spaces, but this does not mean that men do not appreciate a well-designed working area. Like women, they would prefer and appreciate a working space that is not only comfortable but is designed according to their personality as well.

Looking for ideas to design a man-cave perfect for your man? Here are some wonderful concepts to try.

Use Masculine Colors

The colors of the office space walls are among the factors that determine the kind of vibe the office projects. To exude a manly ambiance, using dark or warm neutral colors can help. Dark and neutral color palettes, such as black, gray, and white, work best. Warmer colors, such as brown, tan, beige, gold, and brass, are also good choices. A combination of these colors can also enhance the overall outlook of the space, making it look more manly yet attractive.

Apart from adding some colors to the office walls, using wooden panels is also an excellent alternative. Wood panels can add a stately appeal to the entire room. It can also make the room look more masculine.

Add Leather Furniture

A piece of leather furniture in the office adds a strong, manly vibe to the room. Leather comes in different colors, so there will always be one that would fit the existing colors of the walls and other areas of the space. Highly popular and desired, leather does not only exude quality but comfort and masculinity as well. The richness of its appearance, texture, and smell also adds to the machismo that is supposed to be felt inside the room.

Consider the Right Lighting Fixtures

The types of lighting used within the space can either make or break its intended appearance. Commercial lighting comes in different types, with each type having the ability to tremendously affect the overall atmosphere of the space. Since there are a wide array of lighting choices in the market, it would be best to carefully think the design over and see which of these lighting types will best complement the design intended for the office.

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Install Bookshelves

Hardbound books are no longer as popular as they are before. Hence, bookshelves may have also lost their popularity in many homes. These days, not a lot of people are reading hard-bound or traditionally published books. Many have turned to read electronic books for their personal purposes. But despite the dwindling popularity of books, bookshelves are still good additions to any room. They add a sense of elegance and style akin to that of the ancient years. Wooden bookshelves, especially, can serve as a focal point to any room. They offer a place to organize other things apart from books. They can be used to organize items such as picture frames, memorabilia, figurines, and other knickknacks. Apart from that, they can also add personality to the space.

Dart Board

Men love to have a little distraction during office hours, especially when their brains start to slow down a little or when they become too stressed with all the work that they are tackling. Installing a dartboard in a man’s office space can do the trick. Dartboards or dart games are not only stress relievers. They help improve eye and hand coordination as well. They are also a great workout for the brain. Playing darts requires a great deal of concentration. The brain is kept active, especially when other players are around. Dartboards can also serve as a focal point in the office space.

Jersey Collection

For men who love ball sports, such as basketball and football, hanging a collection of jerseys inside the office can also add a good manly vibe to the space. The jerseys may be framed in glass cases or shadow boxes and put on display on the walls.

Men may not need too much paraphernalia inside their office space. Having a few of their favorites as add-on decorations will suffice. After all, like women, the most important thing for them is to have an office space that is clean and well-organized.

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