COVID-19 Side Effects: How the Health and Wellness Industry is Getting a Wake Up Call

It’s clear that life before the pandemic is a chasm of difference from life during the pandemic. The way things used to be has become wishful thinking now that we’re still deep in the fight to contain the COVID-19 virus. For one, everyone still has to put on face masks. Plus, there is still a limit to the number of people per gathering.


But one industry has stood at the forefront of this fight more than any. Indeed, the health and wellness industry bore the brunt of humanity’s defense against the virus


As fear gripped everyone on this existential threat, people saw how vulnerable they can be to something unseen. As thousands of dead bodies pile up all over America, being health-conscious was increasingly becoming no longer an option; staying healthy became a must. 


It became clear that people with comorbidities and those who are obese and overweight are at a higher risk of being pummeled by the virus.  So a mad scramble began to be as healthy as ever. It’s extremely crucial to stay healthy and fit during the pandemic. To a large degree, it’s a rude awakening that changed people’s lives for the better. 


The Rise of Telemedicine 


Without a shadow of a doubt, the wellness industry worth about $4.5 trillion had to adapt to the demands of the times. In a way, the pandemic caused a remaking of the industry. In general, the change resulted in an overall redefining of its importance and how consumers view the industry. 


The first stop is the rise of telemedicine. As millions were trapped in their homes for months, getting medical input had to happen via technology without direct contact. With this adaption, people had access to health and wellness programs without having to risk themselves unnecessarily. 


Doctor visits were moved from office visits to online visits. The primary purpose of this was to keep non-COVID patients away from exposure. Thus, reducing the possibility of being infected. 


This made it a lot easier for people to have access to good health and wellness services. And even without having to leave the house, you can still stay healthy and fit. 


Additionally, as workout fitness gyms were shuttered, home exercise sessions with video guides. This is why there was an increase in the sale of gym equipment during the pandemic. 


New Focus for Consumers 


Indeed, people’s focus was readjusted during the pandemic. And it was paramount. The fear of getting the virus drove people’s behavior. And with this, the approach of many people to health and fitness changed. It probably would stay that way for a very long time. 


The wellness industry has been predicted to grow more as time goes on. As people put more weight on being healthy, it is anticipated that the industry would grow to the point that people’s daily habits change. Taking daily walks and meditating using tools is at an all-time high. 


At the start of the pandemic, the fitness industry lost billions. Places, where people converge, were shuttered. Revenue for the fitness industry in the U.S. dropped by 58% in 2020. But as the economy is starting to reopen, it’s expected to skyrocket. 


Increase of Preventive Healthcare Disruptors 


Before the pandemic, there has been an increase in interest in preventive and wellness practices. So many people dived into this area and this increased disruptors for preventive healthcare. 


One thing we have all learned about this pandemic is the fact that your health is important. Proper care for your health changes a lot. You can reduce your risk of getting sick by just caring for your health. It’s also essential you pay close attention to the health of people around you as well. 


A major driver for positive change is the availability of vaccines for COVID-19. And the vaccine is being appropriately distributed around the world. With this, the economy is expected to open up depending on how things play out. 


In this regard, this could be the best time to enter the fitness industry. For instance, investing in a good franchise business in the fitness industry these days could be wise. Indeed, the advantage of a proven-and-tested franchise in a growing market is hard to ignore at these times. 


Moving forward, people now have a different attitude towards wellness and health. It’s not just some fad people take up. But it has become a key factor in one’s longevity. It’s no surprise people will seek out brands that meet these needs and have something tangible to offer. Making sure you help fulfill these needs can be a good business decision on your part. Its prospects are, to a large degree, bright.

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