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Eight Profitable Business Ideas for Men Who Love Cars

Men who are passionate about cars usually want to start a business that involves cars. But how do you know which business venture is appropriate and profitable? While there are plenty of changes in the economy right now, one thing remains to be true and that is how important private vehicles are today. Since people try to practice physical distancing in public places, that puts the focus on whether we need to use private cars more than public transportation.

The increase in interest in private vehicles opened opportunities for people who are passionate about cars. So, if you’re looking for a business opportunity, this might be the best time for you to start that car-based business. Here are some great business ideas that all car enthusiasts can gather around in:

Car Wash

This is the easiest business idea to execute when you love cars. This kind of business has been thriving for the past decades. It’s profitable and doesn’t require much capital, to begin with. All you need is a pressure washer, cleaning chemicals, sponges, air compressor unit to dry the car, and sponges and cleaning cloth. If you want to offer more than washing and waxing the car, you can buy a two-post car lift so that you can provide underwash services.

Auto Repair

Car repair businesses will never go extinct. Private car owners rarely understand what goes on in their cars. When something didn’t work right, they usually bring the car to the mechanic to have it fixed. There’s never enough car mechanics for one town. Car owners have to wait for weeks for their cars to get diagnosed. That’s why this is still a profitable business even during these uncertain times. Make sure you can hire good mechanics for your business because your reputation depends on that.

Car Rental

Since the pandemic, people became more concerned about spending time in the same space with strangers. The need for public transportation is at an all-time low. People would rather drive in traffic than risk their lives in subways and buses. Car rental services are a boom in busy cities like Los Angeles, Milan, Las Vegas, and New York.

Trucking and Hauling

Trucking is one of the most important industries in the United States. They haul important raw materials from state to state. They deliver cargo to consumers and supplies to manufacturing industries. Most businesses don’t operate their own trucking and delivery services. They partner with third-party companies to transport large quantities of raw material or finished products.


While the pandemic has affected ride-sharing businesses, it won’t stay forever this way. Soon, this kind of business will thrive again. Before the pandemic, ride-sharing businesses are the best way to boost your income. You can do this on weekends and earn $2,000 a month. You can also go carpooling with your office mates, so you don’t have to shoulder the car maintenance and fuel expenses.

Shuttle Services

You can also shuttle people to and from the airport. This is a highly profitable business because most people are willing to pay the high cost to conveniently get to their hotel rooms or the airport when they are carrying heavy luggage. You can also consider a school shuttle service where you are the dedicated bus ride for kids in a particular neighborhood. You get paid regularly for shuttling kids safely to and from school.

Dealership and Auto Spare Parts

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If you have the capital, you can start a car dealership program. You’ll have an inventory of motorcycles, sedans, family wagons, SUVs, and trucks. You need a big space for this kind of business. Part of the sales of these vehicles will go to you. This is a profitable business if you have the money for it. Dealerships cost tens of thousands of dollars. You need permits and licenses to start operating.

You can choose to sell brand new or used cars. You also have the option to start a car repair business alongside your dealership business. Used car dealerships are cheaper to start than brand-new dealerships.

Car Setups

If you love cars, you love to set them up, too. Men love setting up their cars. This is a specialized kind of business, so you need trusted and reputable people who are creative and resourceful. Aside from setting it up aesthetically, you can also offer audio setup and car restoration services. With this kind of business, you need tools, machines, and equipment made specifically to set up cars.

There are a lot of business ideas for car enthusiasts. Most of these are easy to start up, making them viable businesses even during these times. Imagine working on something you love every day. Isn’t that the best way to earn?

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