4 Key Things Property Developers Must Do to Participate in Community Building

Property developers are more than companies that build houses and commercial buildings. They are also responsible for the well-being and living experiences of their investors. Clients must thrive in the environment that the property developers created in the community. This will build up the brand and reputation of the company.

Some property developers, however, focus too much on providing amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, recreation centers, parking spaces, parks, and the like. Although these are important features of every property development, residents want more than luxurious amenities. They want a sense of belonging. They want a community where their children will feel safe and welcomed.

Community building is a huge part of property development. One cannot survive without the other. Property developers must participate in building up the community to allow the residents to thrive. But what are the things that property developers must do to ensure this?


Whenever there are new projects in the property, the developers should reach out to the residents. They should provide them with detailed descriptions of the work that will be done. They also need to warn the residents if these projects will interfere into their daily lives. For example, is the construction going to be loud in the morning? Will they close down part of the parking lot to give way to the construction workers, machines, and other things?

Property developers are generally not required to get the approval of the residents when there’s an upgrade or extension to the property. But as a sign of goodwill and respect to the privacy of others, the residents must get notice of such developments. Open communication remains to be the foundation of the relationship between property developers and their clients. If you cannot bother yourself to let clients know that your project will interrupt their daily lives, then why would they trust you from here on forward?

Waste Management

One of the biggest problems in construction sites is waste management. If people are living near your property development project, you must make sure that they won’t suffer from the garbage and debris your site will produce. You have to partner with a good waste management company like WESSCO. The company can provide waste management equipment and solutions. It will make it easier for you to manage, dispose of, transport, and recycle the garbage from the construction sites.

Building demolition also causes a lot of commotion. The pollution and waste from a demolition job will affect the people leaving near your project site. Make sure you have the proper structures on site to lessen the impact of the pollution on the people living near you.

Maintenance and Upgrades

house in suburb

Bad property developers leave residents on their own as soon as they are done with the contract. They let them deal with the maintenance problems of the building or the property. This is the worst thing you can do for your reputation and the community you help started. To build a sense of community, the residents must always feel safe in their homes or rental apartments. They must feel confident about their choice of accommodation.

Always keep to your promise of doing maintenance work when you said you would. Far too many property developers forget about their roles in building a happy community. Maintenance work in a development project can be as simple as pruning the plants along the road, sweeping the streets and the parking lot, doing plumbing and electrical repairs, and checking in with the residents about possible structural issues in their homes.


More than anything else, the community has to be safe and secure. What did you do during the height of the coronavirus outbreak? Did you provide flyers and brochures to detail the safety precautions the property managers are taking in the neighborhood? Did you sanitize the common areas of the property? The residents must feel safe at all times. Even if they have to walk from the parking lot to the entrances of their homes at midnight, they shouldn’t be afraid of such a simple task.

What can you do to achieve this? You can install security cameras, hire guards, and put motion-sensor lights. These measures will put off criminals and burglars. They will make your residents feel safer especially at night.

Whatever property developers do impact the residents. Building up the community isn’t just about the residents. It’s also a way for property developers to build their reputation. They can get more projects and clients in the future and eventually become a household name in the industry.

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