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Eco-Friendly Dentistry: How Can You Tell It From Others?

People around the globe are facing a common enemy in environmental pollution. Pollution is translating to global warming that is bringing all sorts of problems, significantly promoted by global warming. Climate change has devastating effects across all sectors, health included.

Lately, people have been finding eco-friendly approaches in all facets of life, as people try to minimize these negative effects. Dentistry, like other components of the health sector, produces its share of waste and consumes a large number of resources such as water and energy. Adopting eco-friendly approaches can, therefore, help the environment and save money for the respective facility. This is why you need to try an eco-friendly Lone Tree endodontist the next time you have a dental issue.

Basics of Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Eco-friendly is a concept that is growing fast, and it covers efforts towards precaution, prevention, and sustainability in treatment. An eco-friendly dentist can ensure the health of the patient, immediate team members, the surrounding community, and the global community as well. Globally, the practice has been around for some time now, with the eco-friendly dentistry association having been formed in 2009. Eco-friendly dentistry is identifiable from others in terms of the features and benefits it presents.

Building and Paper

Paper can be an expensive resource for a dentist, but it also contributes to waste. Offices are looking for ways to reduce paper usage, so they can also lessen their demand and storage. A dentist that has gone green strives to minimize the amount of printing done. Moreover, they use resourceful printing methods, such as Toner Saver, ecoPrint Ink and other software that can decrease ink usage.

Digital X-Rays

digital x-ray

Any endodontist that still uses conventional x-rays must know that they add a lot to the carbon footprint. The benefit of modern x-rays is the reduction of radiation exposure by as much as 90%. Dentists that have taken this step produces less waste (lead, paper, and plastic), as they have discarded empty film packets, developers, and fixers. The fact that digital images need up to 90% less radiation as compared to traditional images is also very beneficial.

Minimal Chemical Contamination

Green endodontists use biodegradable products of the highest quality for disinfectants and sterilization. There is no longer any need for toxic chemicals and chemical vapors. This not only leads to the minimal need for disposable capability but also enhanced health for patients. Disposable paper products are rarely necessary, as the dentists use ENERGY STAR dryers and washers that allow for the use of supplies such as gowns and cloth bibs.

Natural Looking Solutions and Less Metal Use

Today, patients are excited about the natural looking treatments that modern dentistry has been able to achieve. However, eco-dentists are also focused on an even nobler agenda: metal-free treatments that apply crowns and porcelain veneers. These solutions help achieve an aesthetic smile and help reduce waste of heavy metals.

Telling traditional dentistry from the modern eco-friendly alternative is simple, as modern dentistry is aimed at improving the traditional methods and processes. Dentists who have followed this route will often be recognized by various certified agencies, such as the Eco-Dentist Association (EDA).

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