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Compact Living: A Housing Solution or a Passing Trend

The craze for micro homes is all over social media. The online community constantly buzzes about the creativity that goes into building small living spaces. The aesthetics, however, are not the only reason why micro properties are a huge hit in the real estate market.

Research shows that in the United States, as house prices and square footage increase, people’s sense of fulfillment simultaneously declines. This phenomenon results from widely accepted assumptions that upgrading one’s living standards can deliver instant gratification. In reality, though, frequent home upgrades can bring more harm than good because as houses get larger in size and cost, financial obligations also potentially grow.

With this, a renewed interest in compact living begins to rise nowadays, as people start to see the value in leading a more sustainable life.

How Small Is Too Small?

Many people think that staying in a smaller space means compromising comfortability. However, contrary to popular belief, downsizing doesn’t have to be extremely restrictive. Compact living comes in an array of forms, including condominiums, apartments, and one-bedroom houses. These real properties are designed specifically to save space while still providing the owner with ease of movement.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Micro Home

Accordingly, choosing the right size of the home will depend on different factors, such as lifestyle needs and the number of occupants. For example, a musician may require ample space for housing instruments and other audio equipment. The same goes for home-based workers who need office space.

As for the number of residents, a family will require a bigger space than individuals who live alone. Forbes shares that a 1,000-square-foot home enables one to downsize properly without resorting to drastic measures.

Those who live alone, on the other hand, can choose much smaller properties. Transportable homes like granny flats are a good option, as they typically range from 80 to 700 square feet. These self-contained living areas are also perfect for couples. Plus, other than studio types, there are also one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or even three-bedroom granny flats available.

Below, we’ll discuss several advantages of downsizing to a smaller home.

Promotes Privacy

Craftsman Tiny House

Although it may be fun to share a living space with others, it could also be difficult and stressful to deal with their clutter and noise. Moreover, for those who are naturally quiet, being around people too often can be mentally draining. Having a place to oneself allows individuals to channel their inner thoughts peacefully, which boosts self-confidence and promotes self-reliance.

Helps Strengthen Relationships

As stated previously, a micro home is not just ideal for those who live alone. It’s also suitable for newlyweds or small families as “forced togetherness” cultivates intimacy. Of course, house size doesn’t directly affect the bond between family members, but living in a small space can bring a family much closer — both literally and metaphorically. It also makes it easier and more convenient for parents to supervise their child’s activities.

Efficiently Saves on Costs

Because smaller homes are more affordable than larger properties, there’s no need to shell out huge sums for the mortgage. What’s better is that the savings go beyond a lower mortgage repayment. Homeowners can also save on other expenses, such as utility bills, regular maintenance, and repairs.

It also encourages people to live simply and own fewer belongings since having less space means having to choose wisely what deserves a spot in it. This discourages spending on unnecessary items that can later turn into clutter.

Society often suggests that the best things in life are those with superior attributes. The most expensive car, the most massive mansion, the heftiest paycheck — the list goes on. However, as cliché as it may sound, happiness and fulfillment can be found in simple living. By being wise and eliminating the expendables, it’s easier to see value in things that are needed.

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