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Beyond the Glam: 5 Ways to Make Your Feature Staircase More Functional

If you have always imagined having a feature staircase in your home but have a small space, you may be tempted to give up. But don’t. If you are willing to think outside the box, you can get what you want and need at the same time. Feature staircases aren’t only for the luxury offices in Brisbane, after all.

When space is an issue, your best chance of getting the feature staircase you want is to incorporate maximum functionality into the design. That way, you hit two birds with one stone and even reduce the overall costs of your living room renovation.

Here are a few ideas on how you can add functionality into a feature staircase for your home:

   1. Turn your stair risers into drawers

Did you know you can turn each stair into a pull-out drawer? Instead of having a staircase, you can make each riser functions as a drawer you can pull out to store your things. That will enable you to store whatever extra house supplies you have.

   2. Turn the sides of your stairs into bookcases

The sides of your staircase can be hollowed out and turned into bookcases. It is much easier to incorporate this kind of design if your stairs are built against one main wall of your home. You get to save space while creating a functional staircase that allows you to store your books where people can easily see and access them.

   3. Turn the area behind your risers into a shoe rack

You can also turn your staircase into a shoe rack. The space behind each rise of the staircase can be turned into hollow compartments where you can store pairs of shoes. You can also choose to build a mobile shoe rack that slants based on the overall pitch line of your staircase so that it fits well underneath without leaving any unsightly spaces. You can easily pull the entire shoe rack out, find the pair you want and then push the shoe rack back.

   4. Turn the area underneath the stairs into a reading nook

While the space underneath the stairs slants, it can still provide a comfortable reading nook for the avid bookworm. You can build a long bench with storage underneath and install it perpendicular to your staircase. On the longer side of the bench, you can even add open shelves for books. The reading bench can also provide storage for children’s toys or art and crafts supplies.

   5. Turn the area underneath the stairs into a home office

Image of solid wooden stairs with elegant glass balustrade

Have you always wanted a home office? Why don’t you have a feature staircase that doubles as a multifunctional focal point in your home? The area underneath the stairs can be turned into a home office. You can incorporate a reading table with shelves or cabinets with space for your chair.

There are many ideas you can incorporate into a feature staircase. It all depends on your needs and personal taste. By thinking outside the box, you can enhance the functionality of your staircase while ensuring it remains a focal point that stands out in your interior space.

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