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Common Swimming Pool Problems and How to Avoid Them

The benefits of having a pool needs no explaining. Pool and spa maintenance, on the other hand, is a serious consideration that owners must put thought into, as there can be a lot of work involved. One way a homeowner can look at their pool is as an investment. As with any investment, you will need to take care of it, so that it pays out dividends in the future.

The maximize the value of your pool or hot tub, you have to understand its particular details. Your first resource should be your dealers and contractors. Hut tub owners in Utah, for example, should consult their Bullfrog spa dealer in Salt Lake City to make sure their tub is in optimal condition, all the way to the day the property goes up for sale. Being involved in the construction process with your local pool contractor can also give you an opportunity to ask questions, about leaks, seepage, and other possible long term problems you may encounter.

What Could Go Wrong?

empty swimming poolWhen you understand the common problems that you may encounter for keeping a swimming pool running smoothly, it can save you loads of money and headaches in the future.

  • Algae growth – One of the more common problems is the growth of algae and slime. Pools are very prone to algae, usually caused by poor water circulation, improper chemical balance, and improper sanitation. To get around this, you must have your system cleaned regularly (daily skimming and cleaning out the filters, weekly pH level checks, and chlorine adjustments every few weeks). Make sure the filters are clean and working, and that both the surface and the floor of the pool are cleaned regularly. These could also resolve other problems like water mold, bugs, and cloudy water
  • Surface Problems – The swimming pool tiles may also suffer from discoloration, wrinkling, staining, and scale buildup. These are unavoidable, especially when the water is not balanced. It is very important that regular cleaning and addition of the right levels of chemicals is done on a regular basis. Pool tiles are also prone to cracking. If not resolved immediately, it could lead to bigger troubles like leaks, or chemical seepage. When cracking happens, it must be repaired immediately.
  • Clogging – When the passage of water is blocked especially in the main drainage or in the filters, it could invite the growth of bacteria, or cause pressure to build up in your filtration tank, which can cause damage. Clogging may also cause insufficient circulation, which can result in cloudy water. A sweep net must always be on the side so any material that would cause clogging can be removed before they can create any problems.

Cleaning and maintenance require you to have the correct swimming pool and spa equipment on hand. Maintenance is an essential factor that will boost the value of your investment. When the pool or hot tub is properly maintained and cared for, they not only provide you with  many relaxing dips, but will also increase your home’s value, down the line.

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